1. wasiqjaved

    Tapestry of Lies from the 'HOUSE OF SHAREEF' [VIDEO]

    Nawaz Sharif is an ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, who have been DISQUALIFIED (for a record 3rd time) by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 28th July 2017, by a 5-judges bench who reached a unanimous verdict of 5-0. Do note the Mr. Sharif is 'DISQUALIFIED FOR LIFE' for not disclosing his UAE's...
  2. P

    Is bhai ne intehai muhazab tareeqey se dalaail k sath imran khan sahib k jhoot eXpose kar diye.

  3. Pak1stani

    -ICIJ hasn't given any "Apology"; it stands by all its story - Moeed Pirzada & Mubashir Zaidi

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  4. RustamShah

    Brigadier General (retired) Feroz Khan exposing lies of Dr. A.Q. Khan

    Read the Book of Brigadier General (retired) Feroz Khan and just noticed on net his Q&A, exposing Liar Dr. A.Q. Khan, I agree, we Pakistanis have tendency to make liars like AQ Khan heros for no reason, however, truth though bitter should be accepted as Authority and not authority as truth !!
  5. sherazopel

    Quaid Azam blasting the lies and propaganda of SAFMA and Marvi Sarmad "Must Watch"

  6. biomat

    Libya / Incredible media lies - BBC shows "Green Square" in INDIA, 24 August 2011

  7. patriot

    Ba Zuban e Quaid Guidelines disinformation lies about Quaid Episode

  8. crankthskunk

    PM Gilani lied to the Parliament: The NEWS

    After claiming that he is the Executive with the highest authority according to the Constitution, and not the SC, the thief Gilani is now lied to the Parliament. But what is little lying for the Politicians of Pakistan? Send your dogs, like Abidi, Sharmila, Qamar Zaman to the shows, and...
  9. patriot

    Jewish Man Exposes Israel's Lies

    This author born in Israel condems Israeli policies and lies and reveals the truth about the zionist state.
  10. Rathore

    Lies of Imran Khan about his visit to Ninezero-90

  11. digitalzygot

    Sudan breakup, Palestinians struggle for their own nation, Israel and US lies, cunningness & decepti

    A former US ambassador to the United Nations says a Palestinian attempt to gain UN recognition with or without a peace agreement with Israel means "next to nothing" even if it succeeds. The Bush administration UN envoy John Bolton says the General Assembly is certain to support the Palestinian...
  12. T

    Qarz Utaro Mulk Sawaro reality[with proof] and lies of others

    Qarz Utao Mulk Sanwaro known as The National Debt Retirement Program (NDRP) and was launched on February 27, 1997 to solicit funds from non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) towards retiring the country’s external debt Link to the official audit report of state bank of Pakistan. this is 8th chapter of...
  13. J

    Indian Lies Exposed Once Again,Fraudulent List Of 50 Fugitives بچہ بغل میں ڈھنڈورا شہر میں

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  14. biomat

    1 straight truth vs million lies by dr wasfi, ya shabab qad anab nasheed (must watch)

  15. gazoomartian

    US Foreign Policy Has Been Mostly Based on Lies for over 100 Years.

    Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Killed in Pakistan by James Buchanan A recent news article reports Osama bin Laden, the glowering mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that murdered thousands of Americans, was killed in an operation led by the United States, President Barack...
  16. digitalzygot

    Osama's operation LIES who was really there, US trying to put pressure on Pakistan? chopper shot dow

    US has to gain something out of that operation, Osama long dead, who was actually there, ratings boost for Obama,move to put pressure on Pakistan/embarass them, who shot down US chopper, how many were actually dead and NO BODY TOPE DRAMA IN MY OPINION. Share your views please.
  17. V

    Be aware of lies - Zaid Hamid

  18. Abdali

    Amercan Zionist Press, lies and Propaganda..

    Nobel Peace Drones For Obama?When Do you coward Pakistani army jawans Plan to wake up?Allah is watching you Betray muslim ummah.(clap) By Glenn Greenwald April 22, 2011 "Salon" --- A U.S. drone attack in Pakistan killed 23 people this morning, and this is how The New York Times...
  19. biomat

    Obama's Libyan Lies

  20. biomat

    Bob Bowman: Star Wars Secrets & Lies

    This should be practised by all armies that is loyal to their country & constitution, not the tool for wars & killing machine.. (clap)

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