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  • Mashallah.. Happy tp hear that You are safe & sound.. Bro, why are u not participating in the forum?? at least share the experiences of your spiritual Journey with us.. We need more researched based topics on the forum.. As u can see that ryt now we have only 2-3 things to discuss.. i.e Imran, Nawaz and Altaf.:angry_smile:
    Salam brother, Hope You are safe and sound from PIA[hilar].and May ALLah accepet your Hajj and grant you with His uttermost blessings...
    Wa-Alaikum-As-Salaam Brother,

    Alhamdulillah i'm fine and here.Checked out the mention you clicked but it's a very old post,i guess you missed the date somehow.
    aslam alaikum
    i appriciate ur work for islam and muslims.but last few days or a month some people are trying to distract our muslim brothers and sisters on this forum.hope u got my point.we need to spread true teachings of islam,well i don't take ur much time.thx again for ur good job.waslam
    invitation for join group...


    i would like to invite to join the islamic Group called

    Only MUSLIM

    I hope you feel comfortable to stay in this small beautiful house with dignity, respect . And i need your beautiful knowledge about religion with respect other peoples believes.

    thanks and takecare

    your brother

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