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After claiming that he is the Executive with the highest authority according to the Constitution, and not the SC, the thief Gilani is now lied to the Parliament.

But what is little lying for the Politicians of Pakistan?

Send your dogs, like Abidi, Sharmila, Qamar Zaman to the shows, and everything would be rubbished as usual, and you get away with murders in Pakistan, literally.

ISLAMABAD: The Cabinet Division, whose minister is Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday lied to the National Assembly regarding allotment of plots to journalists.
Apparently, to vilify the journalists and their community the minister in charge (prime minister) of the Cabinet Division claimed to have allotted residential plots in sector I-15 of the federal capital to 42 journalists, several of whom have never been the recipient of these plots.
Some of the prominent journalists whose names were wrongly reflected in the list included Ansar Abbasi, Jawad Naeem Rana, Mughees Ashraf Baig, Dilshad Azeem and others. However, the fact of the matter is that none of these journalists accepted any of the plots as claimed by the Cabinet Division in its response to a question raised by PPPs Jamshaid Dasti in the NA.
Inclusion of the name of Ansar Abbasi is surprising for the reason that he not only returned the plot allotted to him in Rawalpindi Journalists Colony by the Punjab government but also withdrew his right to get a residential plot in Islamabad under journalists quota and became a rare voice of his community to denounce the policy of making such allotments to influential communities including journalists, army officials, bureaucrats, judges and in some cases parliamentarians.
Bureau Chief Geo Jawad Rana is shocked to see his name in the list of plot getters. He said he had never been allotted a plot as claimed by PM Gilanis division. Dilshad Azeem was offered a plot but he not only rejected it but also withdrew the money he had deposited for the purpose. Dilshad said the presentation of list in the NA was an attempt by the PM to take revenge from media for exposing his and his familys corruption.
Mughees Ashraf Baig also said he has not been allotted any plot explaining that he was offered one but refused it. How the government made such a blunder by including names of senior journalists in the list who didnt ever receive any plot is important. It remains to be seen now whether the opposition will move a privilege motion on the issue in the House to expose government lies. It will also be interesting to see whether or not the prime minister will be held accountable for presenting a wrong list in the House and what action will be taken against him for deceiving and befooling the honourable House.
Following is the complete list of 42 journalists about whom PM Gilani claimed in the National Assembly that they were allotted plots in sector I-15: Jalaludin, Ambrose Joseph, Sanaullah, Riaz Ahmad, Javed Shahzad, Mughees Ashraf Baig, Naveed Iqbal, Syed Zafar Hussain, M Suhail Rehman, Shahid Sabir, M Ashfaq, Hamid Habib, Khawaja Shafqat, M Irfan Dar, M Sajjad Khan, Nayyar Waheed, Amjad Hussain, Afzal Bajwa, Sajid Hussain, Khalid Mehmood, Tariq Mehmood, Maqsood Ali Shah, Ansar Ahmad Abbasi, Umer Farooq, Rauf Klasra, M Asghar, Syed Irfan Raza, Khaleeq Kiyani, Abdul Nasir, Tariq Usmani, Akhtar Tazeen, Dilshad Azeem, Javed Amjad Bhatti, Mazhar Iqbal, Mian M Munir Ahmad, Jawad Naeem Rana, Abid Rashid, Naeemullah Khan, M Sabir Shakir, Abu Bakar Mushtaq, Ismail Ashraf and Saleh Mughal.


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Facts belie PMs claims in NA: More lies of PM, shame on SC of PAKISTAN

In line with the habits of PPP leaders, Gilani mislead the NA in his yesterday address in the NA. This man should be arrested immediately for making the mockery of Pakistan Laws and Constitution.

It is time I should write another email to CJ. He has not given up Doctrine of Necessity as he claimed. I have never seen a claw Less judge like him or a hapless SC anywhere in the world. It is about time to tell him some home truths, the Magistrates in UK are definitely more powerful than CJ of SC of Pakistan.

Shame for all the Pakistanis.

Facts belie PMs claims in NA
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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani made many incorrect claims in his address to the National Assembly on Monday and wrongly quoted the apex court judgment that it has admitted in its order that transfer/posting is the domain of the executive authority. He simply ignored the next part of the sentence, which says the apex court has the power to examine illegal transfers if made against public interest.

Then he made another misstatement that the judgement in the Haj corruption scam was implemented. It is to be noted that the investigation officer of the scandal, Hussain Asghar, who was removed after he succeeded in collecting evidence of involvement of the prime ministers son, is not brought back to his assignment despite clear and strict order of the Supreme Court.
Then PM Gilani claimed: We appointed Sohail Ahmad as secretary narcotics division before any one could write to create mistrust that we have disobeyed the court orders. This too is wrong. In its judgement on the Haj corruption scam, the Supreme Court wrote that the transfer of Sohail Ahmad from the position of secretary establishment was a wrong and unjustified step and has given a wrong impression. As apex court has reiterated in its judgement that transfer/posting is the domain of the executive so in operational part the court restrained form ordering the government to appoint Sohail back on the same position and ordered that he should be given assignment according to his stature and competence within seven days and if he is not given such assignment he will be automatically restored on the position of the secretary establishment as notification removing him from this position was wrong.

The court repeatedly declared that notification under which Sohail was made OSD was wrong. But the government, in order to save itself from the seven-day condition, appointed Sohail as secretary narcotics division. According to senior bureaucrats the PPP government has given the message that any officer who will work legally and constitutionally or will follow the orders of the Supreme Court in corruption cases involving top men of the government will have to face the wrath of the executive authority.

These experts say that it has also created a very embarrassing and difficult situation for the Supreme Court as to how the apex court will issue order to any government official, as it will have to keep in mind that the officer might lose his job if he obeys the order.

Besides, the prime minister is still hesitating in bringing back Zafar Qureshi, the top FIA investigator probing the NICL scam. This is being done to save the new coalition partner. It is a fact that after July 1 orders of the apex court cancelling Qureshis transfer from FIA, Gilani had asked the establishment division to issue Qureshis suspension orders. The then secretary establishment Abdul Rauf Chaudhry passed the orders to the then additional secretary establishment division Khalid Ikhlaq Gilani who refused to do so. Later, joint secretary of the establishment division Javed Latif was asked to do the same but he too refused and simply sought explanation from Zafar Qureshi. Abdul Raud Chaudhry was retired on July 6, whereas Khalid Ikhlaq Gilani was made OSD and Javed Latif was also removed form the establishment division, facts still not known to the media and even the apex court.

While referring to the closure of the corruption case involving Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari and some other co-accused, Prime Minister Gilani again made incorrect statement. He said that the court has acquitted Benazir Bhutto. This is not true, as all cases against BB were closed after her death. No case is under progress against President Zardari because of his constitutional immunity and only co-accused in these cases were released by the accountability court because NAB, for obvious reasons, failed to produce evidence against them. On the other hand, no case was closed against President Zardari and all cases against him will reopen the day he leaves the Presidency.

It is important to mention here that the PM didnt even touch the Haj corruption case and NICL scam and the involvement of his son Abdul Qadir Gilani and the son of his ally in these cases. He didnt explain why he is hell bent on transferring Hussain Ashgar and Zafar Qureshi from their investigative assignments.[/TD]


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Re: Facts belie PMs claims in NA: More lies of PM, shame on SC of PAKISTAN

Zardari is no Pervez Musharaf. He will do a hand with CJ that he will not even remember his name. I guess CJ is waiting for Washington to tell him what to do. Washington needs Zardari and CJ was a pawn only used to kick musharaf out. Where is Aitezaz Ehsan by the way? Is he also waiting for orders from Washington?


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Re: Facts belie PMs claims in NA: More lies of PM, shame on SC of PAKISTAN

In these days he try to looking ADAL BENA INSAF NA HOGA


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Lying in parliament is contempt of the parliament. He should resign, or a no-confidence motion should be filed against him.

But alas this is poor Pakistan, not westminster.