1. Nawazish

    How hard is to do this 3 step fool proof Polling? Army Aandey deine ke liye baithi hai?

  2. محب وطن

    Please everybody! vote for Shahzeb Khanzada's poll!

    I would request all Siasat.pk members to vote in Shahzeb Khanzada's poll on his facebook page for he made committment with IK on his today's show to see and measure, by this poll, that how much significant change will follow in people's thinking after IK's Jalsa for next ten days. Please...
  3. M

    Imran Khans supporters still optimistic about PTIs good show in 2013 polls

    Imran Khan’s supporters still optimistic about PTI’s good show in 2013 polls The supporters of Imran Khan believe that his PTI will reemerge on the political front and put up good show in 2013 elections. Pak Destiny held a poll in...
  4. Humi

    'Pakistan drone war, Obama's poll ploy'

    US President Barack Obama is following the drone war in Pakistan as an "election campaign strategy" for next year's presidential race in the United States, an investigative journalist tells Press TV. "The president has personal political interests that certainly are aligned with the...
  5. ishwaq

    UAE Pakistanis unaware of poll on voting rights

    5 September 2011, 9:40 PM Pakistanis in the UAE have not been asked until now to voice their opinion in the poll launched by the Pakistan government with regard to the overseas Pakistanis voting rights. However, Pakistanis residing in the US and UK continue to fill in a questionnaire regarding...
  6. PkRevolution

    IMRAN KHAN PTI 77%, PML-N 11%, Gillani PPP 13%, Pervez Illahi 1 % . Change is unavoidable.

    ISLAMABAD: In recent weeks, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has been ranked the most popular politician in the country, leaving many heavy weights behind. The latest among these surveys is the one conducted by the think tank YouGov@Cambridge, the University of Cambridge...
  7. hroonj2k3

    Poll for Vote Registration: 2011-2013....The Begining of the Change

    Dear Pakistan: Vote Registration Poll: 2011-2013(omg) I am a registered voter but not my familyI am a registered voter with my familyI am a registered voter with my whole family members and friendsI would register with my family as soon as possibleI would register with my family before...
  8. hroonj2k3

    Voter Registration Poll: 2011-2013

    Dear Members: Please make a promise that you will register your vote before 14th August 2011 and celebrate the independence day of Pakistan as a registered voter.
  9. Geek

    Another Poll, Another landslide Victory by Imran - Insha Allah same percentage of voter will come to

    After the recent PEW Research, Newsweek Pakistan conducted this survey with 97,000 plus sample size to find out the Most Popular Leader in Pakistan. Imran Khan with 86% leading the results and no other leader has more than 6% popularity !
  10. United4Pak

    Nawaz Sharif: Should government complete it's tenure?

    Can it be created into poll by Mods 1. Should this government be sent home by Army? 2. It should complete it's tenure. 3. Other Nawaz Sharif wants government to complete it's tenure LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday that the government should...
  11. mohib

    Most women would marry for love over money - Poll

    NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Most women would marry for love over money -- unless the man is unemployed, according to a new survey. Three out of four women said they would not wed someone without a job, and 65 percent would feel uncomfortable tying the knot if they themselves were jobless. But...
  12. moazzamniaz

    Majority of Pakistanis want government to Islamise society: Gallup Poll

    Majority of Pakistanis want government to Islamise society: Gallup Poll Published: May 31, 2011 A majority of Pakistanis want the government to take steps for the Islamisation of society, revealed a recently released Gilani Poll...
  13. mohib

    Obama's image falls across Muslim world: Poll

    WASHINGTON: The image of the United States has soured in Muslim nations in the past year, says a poll released two days before President Barack Obama is due to deliver a speech on the pro-democracy revolts sweeping the Arab world. Only in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation where...
  14. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 17th May 2011 - Discussion Over Geo Poll, Interesting Results & Drone Attacks

  15. F

    Poll: Pak Incompetent or involved in helping Osama Hide?

    Osama case; were we Incompetent(to capture him) or Involved(in hiding him)?
  16. Adeel

    Facebook Poll on 'Who will you be voting for next?'- (Final Result after 100k Votes)

    Facebook just added a new feature that allows users to create polls. I thought, I should give it a try and created one on Siasat.pk page. Here are the results so far. Here is the link to view it live: http://www.facebook.com/siasat.pk?sk=questions
  17. mohib

    Poll: What are Pakistan's Three Biggest Problems Today?

    Since independence, there are countless problems being faced by Pakistan, all of varying nature and intensity, in your opinion what are the three biggest problems today that top the list. Corruption Illiteracy Extremism and Terrorism Provincial Disharmony Feudalism Leadership Poverty...
  18. K

    Poll: Who advocates better for his Part in TV Talk Shows

    Salam, here is a list of some politicians who come on TV talk shows quite often. Kindly rate which of them are more logical or better at defending their and their party's point of view. You can select more than one option. 1 Ahsan Iqbal (PMLN) 2. Fouzia Wahab (PPPP) 3. Waseem Akhtar (MQM)...
  19. K

    Poll.... Best Political-comic show....

    Given are the prominant politico.comic shows on different channels. How will you rate them. I write them here randomly... 1. 4 Man show 2. Darling 3. Hasb e Hal 4. Khabarnak 5. Live with Khalid Butt 6. Hum sub Umeed say hayn 7. Miss Dunya
  20. A

    POLL: Which Political Talk Shows Do You Watch Regularly?

    We don't have time to watch every show that gets posted daily. So which one's do you watch everyday? Or does it depend on the guest? There are some that I miss at no cost. Let's see which siasat.pk members like the most. You can choose more than one option.