1. B

    Khawaja Asif face blackened with ink at a PMLN workers convention.

  2. Y

    Khawaja Asif phr bhaag gaye!! خواجہ آصف الیکشن کمیشن سے بھاگ گئے

  3. T

    Imran Khan on Usman Dar's Halqa

  4. T

    Sialkot Imran Khan Ka

    Imran Khan in Sialkot | People of Sialkot stand with Imran Khan. Our fight is with the corrupt system that fosters conditions for rigged election. Inshallah, we will do everything to thwart their designs and ensure people's mandate is chosen. ?#?InsafKiJang? Presented by team UD 939350922821667
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    Umer Dar's fiery speech in Sialkot

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    Sialkot : Noon collecting ID cards for Free Food to rig LBE

  7. T

    Imran Khan will be in Sialkot on 30 November (Monday)

  8. Y

    Dars of Sialkot Hit back at Khawaja Asif and Pervez Rasheed

    Usman Dar's answer to Khawaja Asif's propaganda 10152767738579527 Umer Dar's press conference from Jinnah House Sialkot 780078988748862 780089658747795
  9. canadian

    Sialkot DPO faces a rough ride over motor scam !!

    DPO faces a rough ride over motor scam Posted By On July 6, 2011 LAHORE, July 5: As the Lahore Canal Motors scam involving a serving police officer is already under investigation, the Punjab National Accountability Bureau has come up with a similar Rs380 million motor scandal involving a former...
  10. Awaaz

    Awaaz With Kamran Shahid - 20th May 2011 - Sialkot Incident of Two Brothers - Other Side Of Story! M

  11. Bilal_Mushi

    Sialkot: Eight bookies arrested for threatening Zulqarnain

    Sialkot: Eight bookies arrested for threatening Zulqarnain Sialkot: Eight bookies arrested for threatening Zulqarnain The bookies also threatened the police and said that they have contacts in very high places. The police arrested the cricket bookies from the Sambrial area and recovered...
  12. cheema.ji

    Khawja Asif Exposed by Sialkot Awam

    Watch last 12 mins
  13. 50 Minutes

    50 Minutes - 8th April 2011 - Special Program From Sialkot - Must Watch

  14. nightshadow001

    Tornado in SIALKOT

    Kya yeh HAARP ka natiga hai?? what you think guys?
  15. simple_and_peacefull

    Sialkot lynching: LHC grants bail to 4 police constables

    Published: March 17, 2011 Screen capture of policemen allegedly involved in the Sialkot lynching. LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Thursday granted bail to four police constables in a case concerning the lynching of two brothers in Sialkot last year. A two-member bench, headed by Chief...
  16. Pragmatic

    Lahore Blast,City of Iqbal incident,Cricket

    ہم وطنوں کس منہ سے رمضان مناتے ہو تم بھوکے رہ کے بھی بھوک سے انجان ہو تم ماہ صیام میں بھی رحمت سے محروم ہو تم مسلکوں کی جنگ میں برسر پیکار ہو تم اپنے آبا کی محبت میں قتل ہونے اور کرنے چلے تم ...لاہور دھماکے اے کاش کے انسانیت کی الف ہی سمجھ پاتے تم ہم نہ کہتے تھے...
  17. A

    The role of pakistan media now a days

    i am personnaly always keen to watch current affair program ecpecialy pakistan. I always enjoyed praises the role of media, everytime we were struck by different types of crises especialy when the judiciary crises or the problem created by general pervez musharaf occured. Since the new...