Tornado in SIALKOT


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Kya yeh HAARP ka natiga hai?? what you think guys?



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Wind storm hits Sialkot villages; 10 killed


A view of the carnage after a wind storm hits several villages near Head Marala.-Online

SIALKOT: Ten people were killed while many others injured when a wind storm lashed out at three villages near Head Marala, Sialkot on Saturday afternoon, DawnNews reported.

Roofs of 95 per cent of the houses collapsed and trees were also uprooted in the areas of Machchraala, Chakraala and Buhadarpura.

Emergency and relief work began in the affected areas. According to Pakistan Army, 10 people died and more than 40 were injured during the storm.

A handout issued by the Sialkot DCO put the death toll at four.
Thirty people were injured out of which 14 were in critical condition, said the hand out.


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Sailkot will be destroyed if Nation don't give justice to Mother of two brothers (killed) Wake up Nation

small storm hit Sailkot. Give justice to Mother of two innocent killed brutally in Sailkot...Nation wake up before it's too late...Allah is watching