1. P

    The great YouTube war 2019 - How India got exposed as supremacist extremist nation

    YouTube platform has evolved so much since its creation. Every year the culture and viewership transforms, bringing in new forms of content and trends on the platform. Many YouTube channels are in competition with each other to steal maximum viewership and to get the title of best YouTuber...
  2. P

    Way of the Supremacists

    So called liberals, seculars, phatwareez, jiyalaz and lifafeez have uniform mode of operation on the internet as follows: According to loose motion mouths, everyone talking in favor of Pakistan and its Armed Forces is a paid troll / hired hound. These fascists have no logic but they impose...
  3. Neutral.Pakistani

    Indians Copied Junaid Jamshed's "Dil Dil Pakistan" and their Version will make you Laugh!

    Proof: Source of Dil Dil Pakistan Source of Indian Copy Alternate link 843388845796413
  4. crankthskunk

    Proud to be a PAKISTANI : Film "BOL" got Indians talking

    One thing for sure, Pakistanis are original, it is such a shame, due to the blunders of 1980/90s the movie making has gone to the "Gujjars" who milked the film industry like they milk their cows. As a result we only saw, two tons Punhabi heroine doing 100 meters runs shaking their booty's. But...
  5. next2saint

    Schizophrenic Indians vs Imran Khan

    Who are those people who leaves no stone unturned to comment against Imran Khan and yet never discloses their leadership... Yes! u guess it right... they r no other than schizophrenic indianz.. who r taking grudge against Imran Khan only because of one reason... When Imran Khan was captain...
  6. crankthskunk

    Indians caste system prejudices and discrimination hit uk legal system

    An interesting case is going on in Employment Tribunal in the UK. This is a unique case, in which Indian caste system is claimed to have been the cause of constructive dismissal. These Indians have brought their outdated and abhorrent culture of caste and colour discrimination to UK shores now...
  7. S

    Indians and

    I do not understand the love of Indians for siasatpk. Every freaking thread that is posted here whether or not it has a tint of shy for them they do not miss out the opportunity of leaving their 2 paisas. I have noticed following kind of Indians on this forum. 1- Paid agents; for sure there...
  8. pakiace

    Indians held Pakistan responsible prior investigations for trio mumbai blasts!

  9. digitalzygot

    Ground work underway by Indians and west: Nuclear terrorism plan and blame it on Pakistan

    Over the past few years we have been watching very closely how west and Indians are involved in media propaganda that Pakistan can lose some of it's weapons and there's a threat of Nuclear terrorism, aim we all's an article by Indian journalist in weatern newspaper, Terrorism warning...
  10. R

    This week, when Pakistan helped release of Indians fro captivity, India "reciprocated"

    This week, when Pakistan helped release of Indians from captivity, India "reciprocated" Finally, trying to save face, Indian master corrupt govt.'s Foreign Min. Krishna thanked Pak Navy for the rescue of the Indian citizens whereas The Indian Naval chief "reciprocated" by blaming the Pak Navy...
  11. J

    Pakistan released indian citizen but what Indians have done to Pakistani citizens...

  12. R

    After Indian media's harkat,New topi drama being planned to gain maximum PR for Burney and Ibad,Indi

    Well there are reports that after what the Indian media did or is doing to spit on Pakistan, after their Indian govt.'s shameful reply. Burney has planned a media blitz with Governor Ibad, a new topi drama of welcoming Indian citizens to Karachi and then Burney escorting them to Mumbai. Indian...
  13. PkRevolution

    Indians much worried about rights in Balochistan but look Indians true face!!!! KHALISTAN

  14. C

    A Pakistani Sikh Brother's message for the Indians !!!

  15. C

    Plane crashes in Faridabad residential colony - Get ready for new Blame game by Indians

    New Dehli, Hellicopter crashes in Faridabad near New Dehli. According to reports, there were seven people onboard including a critically injured patient. All seven are feared dead.......Let's see whom India blame for this Crash...
  16. F

    Mexican authorities find 513 illegal immigrants Including INDIANS national

    Mexico City (CNN) -- Mexican authorities said they found and detained more than 500 illegal immigrants from Central America and Asia who were crammed inside two tractor-trailers heading toward the United States on Tuesday. X-ray equipment detected the immigrants at checkpoints in the southern...
  17. digitalzygot

    Indians seek apology for bin Laden code name: US is a total idiot

    LATEST: The leader of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe is asking President Barack Obama for a formal apology for the government's use of the code name "Geronimo" for Osama bin Laden. Tribal Chairman Jeff Houser sent a letter to the president yesterday, saying equating the legendary Apache warrior to...
  18. gazoomartian

    Zaid Hamid Warns to Indians and Americans Zionists

    Gazoo Note: Zaid bhai, we need to change our priorities now. Please convey this message to Gen Kyani: Please overthrow PPP and shoot all bas tards hukmraans. We look up to you and expect you to protect our country from these puppets. Do not just arrest, SHOOT. These people a place in hell. We...
  19. A

    Indians in Australia

    I Heard a news that all Indians have been told to leave Australia by their GOI. What gives, can Unicorn elaborate. I also heard that before roughing up starts Australians ask if the brown person is Indian, if yes than he is beaton up, if Pakistani no problem. Is this true, unicorn...
  20. Geek

    Pakistan is happier than Indians: Gallup survey

    WASHINGTON: India has ranked 71st in happiness with only 17% people describing themselves as "thriving" in a new study of well-being that gives Denmark the top spot among 124 countries surveyed. With Danes ranked the most contented people on the planet with a whopping 72% of residents...

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