Pakistan is happier than Indians: Gallup survey


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WASHINGTON: India has ranked 71st in happiness with only 17% people describing themselves as "thriving" in a new study of well-being that gives Denmark the top spot among 124 countries surveyed.

With Danes ranked the most contented people on the planet with a whopping 72% of residents considering themselves "thriving," Sweden and Canada followed close behind, each at 69% in Gallup's 2010 Global Wellbeing Survey.

The US came in somewhat near the middle of the pack, with 59% of Americans thriving.

A majority of Indians (64%) believe they are "struggling" while 19% think they are "suffering" according to the survey. Surprisingly Pakistanis were found to be happier. Pakistan was ranked 40th with 32% "thriving". Among other neighbours, Bangladesh was placed 89 with only 13% thriving, while China was ranked 92 with only 12% happy respondents.

A median of just 21% were found to be "thriving" in the Gallup survey polling 1,000 adults, age 15 and older, in both face-to-face and telephone interviews in each country throughout 2010.

Outside of Europe and the Americas, however, other nations fared considerably less well. A mere 12% of the population considered themselves to be thriving in Egypt, followed by 6% in Kenya and, dead last, Chad with 1%.



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Aur yeh hamaysha aisa hee rahay gaa INSHALLAH (yani pak hamaysha india say ziada better he rahay ga)


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یہ بھی اسلام کا ایک مثبت پہلو ہے کہ مسلمان سارے غم، تکالیف اور بد قسمتیوں پر سوچ سوچ کر پاگل ہونے کی بجاۓ خدا کی رضا سمجھ کر نئے سرے سے تازہ دم دوبارہ شروع ہو جاتا ہے. اگر اس زندہ دل قوم کو صحیح اور مخلص لیڈر مل جاۓاور صحیح سمت کا تعین ہو جاۓ تو یہ کیا نہیں کر سکتی(jhanda)!!!!!!!!!!؟

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Kar lo gal!
Islam, moral integrity, love for SAWW, and a deep desire for Allah's pleasure, are in my opinion very important factors for this fact. This is one of the reasons that the whole world with it's forces united against us has not succeded and will not IA.
Now all those special people who have the job to try to demoralize us will start to post but I say to them I am refering to the people of Pakistan just as they are not the rulers.


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are we number 1..?......oh no we are number 40 ...who is number one ...its denmark......are there lot of muslims in denmark ? ..iam sure there are ...but i doubt each one in the survey was......


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The source of this post is The times of India. Guys, it is a RAW conspiracy to tell Indians that Pakistanis are happier because there is no corruption in Pakistan and Indians are not happier because corruption is everywhere in India, CWG, 2G Spectrum etc.,. That is why Indians are not happy, promoting Anna Hazare to give them happiness?


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I guess Pakistanis are more optimistic having gone through so much over the past decade that we feel things can only get better!. Indian's are probably more materialistic that mostly causes unhappiness instead of happiness.

Pakistanis are also more spiritual and religious with our faith being so important to us where as Indian's are secular to the core only concerned with the hear and now. In the rememberence of Allah does the heart find peace....and happiness too for that matter.