Indians much worried about rights in Balochistan but look Indians true face!!!! KHALISTAN


Couple of weeks ago some one posted same videos with similar description you will find lots of comments there. Hopefully some one will merge the two for your convenience. I really don't want to duplicate my self.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Jai khalistan......
Khalistan tu ban kar rahey ga...............
Shame on unicorn.............
Change u r name to cancercorn.........

inshaAllah. We shall help those poor oppressed Sikhs soon, very soon




Why aren't the Mods creating a separate section for the Sikhs here? Are they unaware of the importance of this issue for Pakistanis?

I will cut to the chase and explain: Sikhs comprise 20% of the Indian army. This is not an oppression issue just like Balochistan isn't one for the Indians.

Sikh freedom activists have a huge online presence especially because most of them are living abroad. NRI (non-resident Indians) are extremely influential in India.

I will give up after this.

P.S. Punjab is the bread-basket of India: it feeds India!

Also, a huge consumer market exists there to fund India's new consumer-based economy...

I will second this motion and let the common sense prevail.


i was searching about khalistan ...the revolution is dead now after bhutto handed over the list to rajiv gandhi .

It sounds inane to talk about it...sikhs are too crazy people and if we support them,they might take back lahore from us[remember that lahore resides their nanak gurudwara]
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