1. Skeptic

    Will sub-continent ever be worlds super power? Especially Pakistan

    The 3000years of know history of mankind tells us that it never happened in the past. This human race had never been a dominated race from earliest known BC to modern day AD. They were ruled by various foreigners from the land of rising sun to the land of opportunity. If the history wasnt on...
  2. hans

    War of the Worlds ..IMF Computer System Hit by Foreign Cyber-Attack

    The International Monetary Fund’s computer system was targeted by hackers, believed to be connected to a foreign government, who retrieved e-mails and other documents, according to a person familiar with the attack. The incident occurred before former Managing Director Dominique...
  3. simple_and_peacefull

    Giving the best of both worlds

    THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE DATED:31/03/2011 First collaboration with a UK Boarding School in Pakistan. LAHORE: Beaconhouse has announced the opening of registrations at its newest project Beaconhouse-Newlands through a strategic alliance with Newlands School in Seaford, England, according...
  4. hans

    Behold The Worlds Largest Photo Ever Taken Indoors: 40 Gigapixels

    This phenomenal 360-degrees photo (okay, actually its 2,947 pictures stitched together). It is, to our and the photographers knowledge, the largest photo ever taken indoors with 280,000 x 140,000 pixels of awesomesauce. In the screenshot above, in the painting on the ceiling, do you see that...
  5. digitalzygot

    Internet is worlds greatest spying machine

    LONDON: Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, Tuesday warned that the Internet was the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen” and an obstacle to free speech. Speaking to students at Britain’s prestigious Cambridge University, the former computer hacker...

    World's 96% of the Media is owned by 6 Companies(All Jews)