1. crankthskunk

    Washington Met with Mullah Umar's emissary at least 3 times Recently

    Karzai sabotaged US contacts with Taliban Anarticle on the talks between USA and Taliban. Karzai has sabotaged the chancesof peace and a settlement in Afghanistan, on the fear of him being sidelined.
  2. L

    In Toronto CN Tower hit by lightning 15 times During 24 August 2011 Storm. (Amazing Video)

  3. C

    "Imran Khan is the most popular Pakistani politician: Survey" - The Times of India

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has crisscrossed the terror-scarred country, addressed rallies and led dharnas when the country's top politicians have confined themselves to their fortress-like houses in exclusive security zones. The world cup-winning...
  4. Skeptic

    Islamist student group said to terrorize Pakistan campuses :LA Times

    In Pakistan's Punjab province, the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, the student wing of a powerful hard-line religious party, seeks to enforce its fundamentalist agenda, intimidating and sometimes attacking students and teachers alike. July 22, 2011|By Alex Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times After philosophy...
  5. FaisalLatif

    China and Russia moving Pakistan away from the US camp - Pepe Escobar/Asia Times

    Eurasian geopolitics face Astana earthquake Asian regional power seeks to counter US-NATO military strategy and gain control of energy...
  6. karachiwala

    Why Men can marry 4 times and NOT women?

  7. crankthskunk

    Pakistan's capabilities of battlefield nuclear weapons got India worried: Times of India

    Two articles from Times of India on Pakistan achieving the capability of low yield battle field weapons after the test of Nasr. What makes me laugh is the propaganda by the Indians, first the fear of these weapons could be easily slipped to the hands of undesirable. Towing the lines common with...
  8. Unicorn

    Words of Advise to My Semi Arab Friend for Tough Times in Beautiful Poerty in Arabi-By Farsh Turab

  9. awan4ever

    Signs Of The Times? For the Army fanboys who are running for cover after the double bogey of Ray Dav

    Signs Of The Times? http://cafepyala.blogspot.com/2011/05/signs-of-times.html Let's get some things straight. There are still a large number of BIG questions unanswered about the killing in Abbottabad of Osama bin Laden. Many in Pakistan are choosing to obsess over how the American Navy...
  10. mohib

    Bin Ladens corpse has been on ice for nearly a decade: EU Times !!!

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Bin Laden, The Oswald Like Patsy Died 10 Years Ago! http://youtu.be/xj0pM5FoYbs
  11. C

    Tensions Rise as U.S. Officials Press Pakistan for Answers- NewYork Times

    WASHINGTON Tensions between the American and Pakistani governments intensified sharply on Tuesday as senior Obama administration officials demanded answers to how Osama bin Laden managed to hide in Pakistan, and the Pakistani government issued a defiant statement calling the raid that killed...
  12. zardarifan

    Ladies and Gentleman, May I present one and only H.E Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the Greatest Politician of

    Ladies and Gentleman, May I present one and only H.E Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the Greatest Politician of all times
  13. Arslan

    10 Lost Cities Of The World - These ancient wonders are well worth a visit, even in troubled times

    1. Petra, Jordan Country: Jordan Civilization: the Nabataeans Inhabited: sixth century B.C. This rose-colored city carved from cliffs garnered fame in the West thanks to the 1980s blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 2. Chichen Itza, Mexico Country: Mexico...
  14. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Back Door Channel Diplomacy between Kiyani and Manmohan - The Times

  15. IndiaGuy

    Hindus, Sikhs may face worse times in future In Pakistan

    Islamabad The previous year was a bad one for Pakistan's minority communities including Muslims of various sects, Sikhs and Hindus due to threat to their lives by militants, according to a new report which suggested even worse times ahead. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's report said...
  16. hans

    Policeman run over 3 times by protesters in Bahrain

    In love and War, every thing is possible!!!!
  17. PkRevolution

    Britain may hand over Musharraf to Pakistan, Gulf Times. Lord Nazir appeals Cameron handover Mushar

    Britain will consider handing over former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf to Pakistan in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case, said British Prime Minister David Cameron during his day-long visit to Pakistan yesterday. Cameron said that Britain will look into handing over Musharraf if...
  18. biomat

    Irans End Times Documentary and the Last Messiah

    By Rixon Stewart on April 2, 2011 Rixon Stewart – March 31, 2011 In response to what they see as coming fulfilment of ancient prophecies, Iran’s leaders have commissioned a feature length documentary, which is currently being shown to Iranian...
  19. mohib

    Video of police shooting a 14-year-old boy several times comes to light.

  20. karachiwala

    Times for Ishraq and Chasht Prayers

    By Mufti Ebrahim Desai Posted: 18 Shawwal 1423, 23 December 2002 Q.) What's the starting, ending and Mustahab time for Ishraaq and Chaast Prayers? [Muhammad Faizan] A.) In a lengthy Hadith, Sayyidna Ali, Radi-Allahu anhu, is reported to have said, 'In the morning when the sun rises to the...