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  • Dear member,

    I'm trying to reach out to ever member and bring everyone on the same page. Everyone's opinion is respected, as long you are not being abusive or getting personal with others.

    following is the example of your post I just came across.


    عزیزم بارہویں جوکر۔ خبر پڑہو اور سر دہنو۔ اور دعا کرو کہ کہیں جیش العدل کے پاس ہتھیار نہ آجائیں ورنہ تمہارے بارہویں امام کو کسی اور غار میں جگہ تلاش کرنی ہوگی۔"

    Instead of responding to an abusive post, Report it and we'll take an appropriate action against the user.

    I hope, you will cooperate with us to make this forum a better place.
    Brother I want to have some some discussion on aitezaz hassan issue. Do you know the whole story ?
    Hi brother..

    nice to see people from karachi on this forum.. i am from india ,lucknow
    Please Change Your Appearance Name KARACHIWALA . (what u want to show us?)
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