1. D

    ‫پاکستان کیا ہے آیئے دشمن کے زبان سے سنئیے

  2. Wadaich

    The Muslims Are Not The Enemy , The Media is lying to you all the time

    Don't get worried about the Mosque, Be worried about what Federal Reserve is doing.... ................. ................ ..................Wake up oppressed American... ... .
  3. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 20th July 2011 - Syed Noor & Ch Ijaz Kamran - Enemy of Film Industry In Pakistan----Cin

  4. hroonj2k3

    Nawaz Sharif..... The Enemy of Allah

  5. Narcissist

    Asghar Khan about India: India is An Imagined Pak Enemy

    As the Pakistan's war has already shifted from eastern border to western borders. Retired air marshal Asghar Khan is unleashing the idea of imagined enemy - India. Now concerned question is, who really is Pakistan's enemy? Where are they sitting? On eastern border or on western border?
  6. S

    Hamid Mir Number 1 Enemy Of Pakistan

    Hamid Mir Number 1 Enemy Of Pakistan
  7. hans

    Pakistan Enemy #1 The Three M's (Military, Ministers and the Mullahs)

    Consider this a fact or fiction, but apparent it seems logical to some extent. Current commotion that seems a never ending story of violence, day to day bombing, killing, gross human atrocities been committed at a scale that even Bosnia War and the massacre of Rwanda seems to shy off. Why do...
  8. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 24th May 2011 - Dr Sherin Mazari & Mahreen Anwar - After PNS Mehran Next Target Of Enemy W

  9. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 23rd May 2011 - Dr Moeed Peerzada & Rana Sanaullah - Attack On Mehran Base...Who is

  10. Faisla Ap ka

    Faisla Aap Ka - 22nd May 2011 - Bilal Yaseen & Samina Khawer Hayat - War On Terror - Who Is Our Real

  11. QaiserMirza

    The best way to destroy an enemy

    The best way to destroy an enemy The evil that evil men do casts a long shadow, as a German courts recent conviction of former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk brings home. The sight of a 91-year-old working-class immigrant (Demjanjuk hid in plain sight for many years as an autoworker in...
  12. PkRevolution

    We are very clear on who the real enemy is Pakistan Army captain. Why Pakistan needs to break free o

    Dan Qayyum, Editor PKKH I remember meeting a young Pakistan Army captain early last year in Rawalpindi as he recovered from bullet wounds to his thigh. He was shot at during close combat while clearing a small town in South Waziristan. The man who opened fire on this soldier from close...
  13. digitalzygot

    Cut TIES WITH 'US' they are our enemy, after thousands dead in Pakistan, billions lost in trade they

    WASHINGTON: US Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein charged Monday that slain al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden could not have lived as he did in Pakistan without some official complicity. I just dont believe it was done without some form of complicity, Feinstein told reporters...
  14. karachiwala

    The end of the enemy of the Holy Prophet SAWW

  15. B

    Fatah - Hamas finally United against the common Enemy.

    Muslims need to be United by all means.............. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXxpsGySKbo&feature=related
  16. haqiqat

    There is no greater enemy to a Predator drone than a camel carrying a stinger missile

    Attack of the drones: Now Obama approves the use of unmanned aircraft in Libya conflict By David Gardner Turning up the heat: President Barack Obama has approved the use of drone attack aircraft in Libya America turned up the heat on Colonel Gaddafi last night by approving the use...
  17. smallmouth

    Simple way of knowing Pakistan's Enemy

    Even a 5th grader kid can understand this. See which political parties stayed quiet & favored on Raymond Davis release. To my mind these are parties that come to mind; PPP PML N PML Q MQM ANP Also Pakistani awam that did not come out to demonstrate against Raymond release. tell me what you...
  18. F

    Pakistani People be aware and know who your enemy is - V Imp Message

    I hope people of Pakistan and oversease Pakistan should understand and its crystal clear that Our biggest enemy is our ARMY Politician Judiciary I will ask our Pakistani bro, Please do not get excited and be clam and focus on our REAL enemies. We should take revenage to real enemies not...