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  • Salam, JazakAllah kher for the discouraged hairstyle thread. Please ignore people's critisism and carry on with the good work. I just wanted you to know that your effort has not gone wasted and I will keep myself getting those haircuts, for the last 10 years, I have been getting the no 3 hairstyle (short back and sides) but will not do it any more inshaAllah. May Allah bless and reward you for spreading the awareness. Maa'Salam
    m intelligent, honest, kind, merry, loving, caring, romantic, easy-going. I like traveling, cooking, going to museums, exhibitions, culinary, listening to life music, dances, rea
    Asalamu'alaikum Dear Member,
    thank you for joining ONLY MUSLIM.after join it i would advise you to subscribe the group/discussion for updates on daily. it help keep you intuch with group alway. you can start new discussion/reply on others discussions.
    following you can subcribe
    2. click on group tool
    3. select subscribe group
    4. select daily

    start new discussion
    1. Open main page of group.
    2. click on group tool (you can find it at right end croner of group name)
    3. chose post new discussion from dropdown of group tool.
    4. type/past your post & click on post message/go advanced.(you can click on go advanced if post message not work.)
    2. click on post new discussion (you can find it at right corner below group photo area or above old group discussions)

    if you can't see or find then let me know it
    take care
    your Brother
    invitation for join group...


    i would like to invite to join the islamic Group called

    Only MUSLIM

    I hope you feel comfortable to stay in this small beautiful house with dignity, respect . And i need your beautiful knowledge about religion with respect other peoples believes.

    thanks and takecare

    your brother

    This is since quite long time, I tried to open the site from Explorer or Google Crome at both places when I click "Insert Image" botton it ask "Please enter the URL of your image". When the image is on save on my computer how can I enter the URL ??
    AS Qaiser bhai,

    when did you start having this problem? I'm uploading an image as an example here. It is working fine for me.

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