1. Being Pakistani

    Fawad Khan win Most Beautiful Man Vogue Beauty Awards 2015

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  2. IndiaGuy

    India's poverty will fall from 51% to 22% by 2015: UN report

    UNITED NATIONS/NEW DELHI: As many as 320 million people in India and China are expected to come out of extreme poverty in the next four years, while India's poverty rate is projected to drop to 22%, says a UN report. The UN Millennium Development Goals Report, however, suggested that even...
  3. mdanishtaha

    Pakistan Navy in 2015 InshaALLAH !

  4. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Indias defence spending to swell to $80b by 2015

    By: Ashraf Javed | Published: April 05, 2011 LAHORE In order to step up military build-up against China and disrupt security-balance in South Asia, rulers in New Delhi have planned to spend an estimated $80 billion on military modernization programs by 2015. It (India) is expected to...
  5. Y

    India awarded the 2015 World Cup

    India awarded the 2015 World Cup Also: Gavaskar maintains Tendulkar-mentioning record, and a pub brawl in Sussex over the Ranji Trophy Anand Ramachandran March 23, 2011 Charlie Sheen's peeps would hereby like it to be known he accepted no gratuity for his gratuitous appearance in this column...