Sawal Yeh Hai - 26th June 2011 - Gen Rtd. Mirza Aslam Baig


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Thanks dr.danish,wonderful analysis by mr.Aslam Baig. I like to add few things ,Twin Towers incident have been scrutinized ,verified and declared as "AN INSIDE JOB" by the american forensic experts , pilots , scientists ,fire brigade personel and policemen who were present there and listened the dynamite blasts .This was purely a Zionist (Satanic Mentality )plan against the muslims and specially pakistan and its citizens. Soon after the 9/11 incident ,7000 pakistanis were held in jail on visa violations,not any from other country whereas about 20 millions are illegals mostly mexicans but were not bothered.Not a single pakistani were named in 9/11 incident.Musharraf ,a selfish stooge just care about his own power and recognition in the world, accepted all the condition with his eyes closed- destabilised it which we are still paying the price. Zionists made the plan to weaken the muslim ummah,pak nukes and Israel's first president "David Bin Gurion" said forget the arabs , go after pakistan which is created on idealogy.So every where in the world like US, Canada, italy,UK,Spain ,chili and other countries then in NY a pakistani FS was captured which was a covert operation.In all these countries ,the zionists went after only pakistanis and now Obama wants to bring the war into pakistan which to some extent its already there .Not all the jews are bad only the policy makers .They have achieved their one goal to destabilise the country and economy and now wants war with afghan talibans so americans can support the talibans with money and arms like they are doing with TTP but pakistan should remember one thing very clearly that pak and talibans have to live side by side for ever but for the time being a so called super power who declare himself as our ally is not our ally but wants to stab us in our back with its carrot and stick policy.Pak dont need their lolly pops like aid to compromise on our security.This should be our policy to stay away from Mullah Omer,Haqqani Networks and Hikmat yar because they are the stake holders of afghainstan who will be ruling afghanistan definately after the departure of US and nato forces but I will say at the same time that "Alqaida " should be followed if they are in any area of pakistan because their aims and targets are against humanity which is unacceptable and can share the information with the american CIA for their elimination.If US consider us their strategic allies then why they dont give us drones so pak can take them out in a proper way and no collateral damage but US wont give us because we are very cheap allies to them ,almost nothing Pakistan China and Iran should make an alliance on defence and security .I want to remind the americans if they think they will divide afghanistan and can live with their 3 military airfields with some army personel then they should forget it .Afhganis will bury them right there with the help of regional countries who consider americans a real danger to their countries including pakistan ,Iran, China and Russsia.They will never ever tolerate american presence in this region and I predict this region is gonna be the flash point for next world war because Europe have already seen 2 wars and it looks like it will be in Asia now .This time Israel and US will not escape the effects of war , it might lead to the end of the world,God forbid. I wrote on what the american's policies will lead to the world.American economy is still not out of recession so they might start a small war to boost their arms industry thats how they make money to revive their economy .They did that when they had great depression to revive the economy and dont care what happened to other countries-Bunch of liars . President Obama have proved himself "The Butcher Of Muslims". Just want to be re-elected on the cost of "Muslim Blood".
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Unfortunately Pakistan is the only country in the world whose very existence is dependent on its own security. Immediately after its birth it went into war. During very first war in 1947, Pakistan had to tackle an aggression or die for ever. Pakistan chose to live. And battle of survival continues.


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As far as Brig. Ali Khan is concerned, people known to him, his family is not so religous except, he is a very qualified and
deserving officer for promotion to Maj. General. He might be very blunt with his views which should be normal case. Who gave
this issue so heed is as well a conspiracy ?
Mirza Aslam Baig has very very good Analysis infavour of muslim ummah, region. He preaches the unity of ummah and friendly
relations with eachother, What he said that USA will leave Afghanistan is at the moment a strategy to deceive the world.
Because as USA is decreasing the troops where as other partners are increasing. Their main attention is to have a deal with talabani
to keep on their presence ( Basis ) in Afghanistan . Talaban already have rejected such deal, they want unconditional total
withdrawl from Afghanistan and India is sitting in the sinking ship of Americans.
According to General Mirza Baig we should beg pardon and sorry from talaban to get again friendly relations with them and in
serious situation some drones might come down if necessary to build more pressure on USA to leave Afghanistan, a serious matter.
Allah help us, Inshallah !