1. D


    I think this is going to be my first thread here. First of all I am a diehard IK Fan and PTI supporter. From past few years or so I have seen lot of aggression by PTI supporters online. To some point the aggression is genuine I believe, due to several reasons including media being bias towards...
  2. crankthskunk

    A Question from the forum MEMBERS, specially MQM supporters

    The perception is with some justifications that many political parties and also Sunni Tahreek and Amman Committee are involved in the illegal activities in Karachi, including bhatta collection, abductions, target killings etc. Yes, the indications are that recently others have adopted the...
  3. crankthskunk

    Questions to Forum Members on Rehman Malik

    Questions to Forum Members on Rehman Malik I want members feed back on the position of Rehman Malik. I wrote earlier after todays attack by ZM, the position of Rehman Malik is untenable. He is either have to answer the issues raised by Zulfiqar Mirza or resigned. But as I suspected and...
  4. Wadaich

    SAFMA: List of the Pakistani Loser Journalists Who Are Members of SAFMA and a Tool of RAW to Stabili

    Please mark all these sorry figures and be aware of their venomous propagan.da against Paksitan. Follow them on their social networking sites pages and show them their true face and cut the illuminating tails of these moles. Here are the loosers who are the members of SAFMA: 1. I A...
  5. karachiwala

    Business community demands army deployment in Karachi - Need comments from members

    Please read the article and let me know if anyone else also thinks that this whole Karachi situation seems to be a conspiricy to move Pak Army and get them in a situation where they would become embroiled in things that would distract them from their primary task that is defending Pakistan and...
  6. S

    how many of the siasat members are Jageerdars or belong to a jageerdar's families?

    I would like to know how many of the siasat members are Jageerdars or belong to a jageerdar's families. I have a few questions that I want to ask and understand more the landlords of our country.
  7. E

    Why are members using Amir Liaquat to spread sectarianism?

    Amir Liaquat is a fraud, a liar, nothing more than a performer, an entertainer who uses Islam for his own sick and money making purposes Why are members using his speech to say he is Shia, when he is Sunni as far as I know. This is wrong and this spread sectarian hate. Several years ago when...
  8. E

    Police refuse to register cases against PPP members throwing hand grenades

    Lyari violence : Nine grenades and counting, but no cases registeredPublished: August 11, 2011 At least eight hand grenades were used in attacks in different parts of the south district in retaliation to an attack on a former PAC leader. PHOTO: FILE/PPI KARACHI: Police appear to be reluctant...
  9. abbasiali wishes Ramadhan Kareem Mubarak to all of its members along with their families.

  10. abbasiali

    Congratulations to top 20 Members for their Participation in Month of July 2011

  11. saeed khan

    Rights and duties of elected members

    I saw a programme of Talat Hussain in which he invited M Sarwar and two Pakistani politicians. M Sarwar is a politician and was member of parliament of UK where IK has spend his more than thirty years. Now M Sarwar`s son is member of parliament of UK, he said once his son was going to Rwanda...
  12. WatanDost

    MQM Sucking BLOOD of Its OWN Members ?

    International Murders of MQM: Karachi - South Africa - London Who killed Haji Jalal, Javaid Shaikh and Imran Farooq?By Dr Shahid Qureshi Thursday 23 Sep 2010 Road side assassination of MQM gangster Haji Jalal, his sons and innocent bystander in Karachi and alleged street murder of Imran Farooq...
  13. hroonj2k3

    Poll for Vote Registration: 2011-2013....The Begining of the Change

    Dear Pakistan: Vote Registration Poll: 2011-2013(omg) I am a registered voter but not my familyI am a registered voter with my familyI am a registered voter with my whole family members and friendsI would register with my family as soon as possibleI would register with my family before...
  14. abbasiali

    Dear Friends & Members, Please do not cut and paste messages of hatred spread by unknow elements

    Dear Friends & Members, Please do not cut and paste messages of hatred spread by unknow elements, Team is aware of this issue, and working on it, shortly Insha Allah it will be resolved. Just simply keep reporting us all these type of messages. Regards.
  15. T

    Request to all members.

    ASALAM A LEKUM everyone,i just had a request to all members,take it or leave it. My request is that we all should not derail threads,just now i was going through a thread"awesome pics from around the world" and then someone had given a pic of altaf hussain and then imran khan and so all...
  16. gazoomartian

    To All Indian Members

    Moderator: I just found this on youtube when surfing for Pak qaumi tarana, I found this comment from a person from India. I was so shocked that I decided to create a new thread to diss these Indian members. Dear Indian members: While you attempt to annoy us on siasat, there are lava that is...
  17. PAINDO

    American Negotiating with Talibans - UN may lift sanctions on some former Taliban members

    طالبان رہنماؤں پر سے پابندیاں ہٹوانے کی ک&#160 طالبان رہنماؤں پر پابندی اٹھائے جانے کے لیے امریکہ اور برطانیہ کی طرف سے دباؤ ڈالا جا رہا ہے امریکہ اور برطانیہ، اقوامِ متحدہ کی جانب سے طالبان سے تعلق رکھنے والی اٹھارہ شخصیات پر عائد کی گئی پابندیاں اٹھائے جانے کے لیے دباؤ ڈال رہے ہیں۔ مغربی...
  18. fahid_asif

    Here is proof, who supports PTI. Paying members or ISI.

  19. A Khokar

    Several Staff members broke faith at Mehran Naval base

    'Koi Aour to naheen hay Pas e khanjar Azmaie' It is a chilling developing story of Meharan Naval base and the armed personals of this base giving a great set back to the entire nation and the image of its Armed Forces. This story starts when General Ziaul Haque during his tenure used...
  20. 4

    How many members on Support Imran Khan - Important for Imran Khan supporters

    Please reply this thread once only if u with Imran Khan to show That how many members of are with Imran Khan..... Imran Khan Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad PTI Zindabad Pakistan k Awam Zindabad