Rights and duties of elected members

saeed khan

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I saw a programme of Talat Hussain in which he invited M Sarwar and two Pakistani politicians.
M Sarwar is a politician and was member of parliament of UK where IK has spend his more than thirty years.
Now M Sarwar`s son is member of parliament of UK, he said once his son was going to Rwanda for charity he said his son to spend 24 hours with any poor family in Rwanda and eat whatever they eat, drink water they drink and sleep in their house one night with them so he know what is poverty.

Imran, because of time spend in UK knows what are the rights and duties of elected members of parliament and a PM.
IK`s has programme is to take back the residential facilities of PM, President, Governors, CM, MPA, MNA, and Senator so that indirect taxes should be decreased on life necessaries and simple Pakistanis get better and cheaper life necessaries.
Last month in UK milk,sugar,vegetables,fruits and chicken were cheaper than Pakistan because there is no indirect tax on these life necessaries.
Whereas car, tv, PC, DVD and many other items are much more expensive than in Pakistan because of taxes imposed on these items.
Because of this tax system life of an average person is very easy in UK and tax burden is only on people who earn high income or buy unnecessary items.
If Imran copy this system in Pakistan I am sure millions of people will pray for him.
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