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  • Hi Abbas bhai
    still i don't see any abusive language ,i did used abusive words but with censor i was not sure n still not sure either it was objection able once i used censored words any how its up to you to decide ,and if it is objectionable you have right to delete it i regret for that language . thanks and regards for you n your team
    refference my letter to admin.

    اگر آپ کو اظہار آزادی پسند نہی تو میں یہ فورم چھوڑ دیتا ھوں۔ لوگ میرے نام کی جعلی آئی ڈی بنائیں تو وہ ٹھیک ھے ۔ اگر میں اس کے خلاف آواز اٹھاوءں تو مجھے اس سے روک دیا جائے۔ سائٹ کو خدا حافظ۔

    I am not allowed to post or comments. where is freedom of speech? why ???? did I abused any one? bad language?
    where is freedom of expression??
    is that just becasue I tell the truth about imran khan?
    siasat.pti ????

    i will wait 1 hour. if i am not allowed ot post or comments than i will leave this forum.

    Hello abbasali bhai

    Hope you are fine. Awhile back we had religious problem on this forum where hatred was created. You suggested to make forums and put a great effort in it. Since then and especially in last few weeks I have noticed same gang Pakistan1947 stating same hate base religious discussion on the main thread. I think you should consider revisiting the issue and blocking all religious discussion which are made out of a private forum.

    salam bhai ,

    i want to add acatar pic in my profile but when i click on my pic , nothing happend , and how u have delted message in my account from saome farisha0 something , you peeping into peoples accounts :P .. hmm bolaein .... thanx n waiting for your help
    who the hell are you to delete my post. post delete kerney sey pehley zara per liya karo if you have some brain. which i am sure you and other's don't have.

    I Just have a quick question . Why i am not able to post any thing and my posts are awaiting moderator's approval to become visible. I did not post any thing bad .lllcolumbuslll, Geo G are others constantly posting all the inappropriate materiel.

    Thank you in advance
    are u just watching the abusive language used in the forum or do u have any plans to take actions??? this guy should be banned, he is continuously using abusive language in different threads?? should I reply him in his tone???
    Dear Brother!
    It's almost 8-9 hrs that my posts are awaiting moderator's approval to become visible. If they are working in shifts and are only doing 'manual' job at leisure then better inform me to visit the forum only on scheduled timings. Is this treatment not for me alone. All Tom, Dick & Harry are free to say what ever they wish. If this forum is now meant for petty party politics then let me hear it loud & clear to determine my future policy.

    I'll never be leaving it with a heavy heart as I had made no real investments in it. Those who are close to me can easily be contacted on phone, e-mails or by a personal visit.

    Kindly let me hear your final decision to settle this tormenting behavior once for all.
    Have a smooth sailing!
    AOA Abbas bhai,
    Can we delete our posted threads?
    if yes, then please guide me how to.
    I posted a thread, and its of no use now, thinking to delete it.
    Please help me.

    Ego is just like dust in the eye.
    Without clearing the dust, we cannot see anything clearly."

    Wishful thinking ends up no where". No body is superior by size or age; Superiority is only by 'purpose'! Didn't we keep on repeating the same mistake that our ancestors made? My humble suggestion/advice is do not put yourself in a 'shell' and face the 'cat' with an open eye!

    Those who kill their 'natural' instincts are neither sinner nor a saint!

    Is it possible to meet you during my up-coming visit to Canada in April, 2011?
    I just posted a thread " is this islam we want in Pakistan" and now it has you know where it went?
    sory for that post you delated,realy i dont know who they are at that time.
    my mistake,
    i dont **** this family,this is my personal matter.
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