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  • i know it is a proper word, but i said its not appropriate to use publicly. and i know punjabi te shed bohat jangi tara aandi ay punjabi meinu. I never seen any Gujjar using this word alot in talks. Rather it is more insulting to use this word for own wife. and dont tell me now that u knw more coz i have got proper Gujjar community here and Pakistan and no1 uses it..Peace
    hi.. ur post in thread "getting married with british born girl"..u wrote that u r married to a british born GUJJRI..can u edit ur post and delete the word Gujjri..I am Gujjar myself and dont think its appropriate word to use in the thread publicly. thanks
    sorry yar i was on mobile so that why some typing mistakes .. thanks for your reply and its ok about both issues .. i got info about avatar pic and got ur point about spams ... thanks again

    be happy n keep ur work better n better ...


    Dear Asim,

    Waalaikum Assalam,

    I am not sure if I have understand you, but let me answer you as per my discretion.

    We don't peep into any one's personal account, however there is a possibility of any spam message removal in chain, what happened when we ban and delete any spammer, we did removed with all messages so whatever the message would be sent and no of messages that all would be removed from every members account.

    You can simply go to your account by clicking on your name, this will take you to the your personal profile page, which will provide you option to edit profile and avatar modification.

    Let me know if it works, otherwise let me know the time, I will login to chat box and will let you know the procedure.

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