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  • بھائی آپکو کیوں لگا کہ آپ لمبے کان چھپا کر آو گے تو میں پہچان نہیں سکوں گا؟؟
    [h=2]I HAVE POSTED SOME POSTS IN THE THREAD "Postponement of third international islamic retreat" PLZ READ.[/h]
    Wa alaikum us salam warahmatullah
    Alhumdulillah v reaced home safe & sound on saturday 12am. almost 12 hour late. :-)
    Thanks for your prayers. May ALLAH accept our efforts & Hajj.
    I am not participating much on this forum, dont like to participate any more. Hope every thing ok at your side. Nothing happened much in this Hajj as we were discussing, ALLAH knows best.
    Take care.
    Salam please explain what is 'technical refreshment'? polishing up the B2??

    ro gazoo, any body can find the procedure of how nukes woks, if we have designs of centrifuges then there is no issue of making it again. but an avg 40Ktn Nuke will cost nearly 90 million $... But the most necessary thing is raw material and power plant, For examply Germany can make a nuke withing 2-3 weeks because they have every strong infrastructure for Uranium/plotanium enrichment.. But iran is taking so long because they are lacking infrastructure...US has (5-6) B-2 bombers in Afghanistan and from last three months, they are working in their technical refreshment...( I read it in defense website but Hamid meer proved this in his talk show)

    they are starting withdrawl from August 2011 and will finish by 2014...
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