Why are members using Amir Liaquat to spread sectarianism?


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Amir Liaquat is a fraud, a liar, nothing more than a performer, an entertainer who uses Islam for his own sick and money making purposes

Why are members using his speech to say he is Shia, when he is Sunni as far as I know. This is wrong and this spread sectarian hate.

Several years ago when he started his program on Geo, he once criticized ahl-e-Tasheeh during Muharram, then he completely changed tracks and started appearing in Majalis.

He is a fraud nothing more. My request is not to drag sects into it and create an atmosphere of hate doing ramzan.


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i agree with your second part... but not yr first. he is an entertainers for people who ponder religious entertainment.. he is not a fraud becaue he is doing his job.. thats what he is supposed to do.. what ever he does outside his JOB.. is his personal life....

when people make islam a toool for money making and politics and dumbos in paksitan dont realize this.. this will happen time and again.


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amirliaqat khari baat main aa ker apna inter view dey agar sacha banda hai too nai aya too samage lo yeh sari iss ki picture sai hain


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Kuch baatain likhna chah rha tha

Pehli yeh k amir liaquat wo pehla shakhs nhi jo islaam ko istemaal kr rha hai (agar kr rha hai to) un mullah k barey main kia khayal hai jo madrasoo main bachoo k saath ****** krte hain.k yeh haqeeqat kbhi kisi ne expose ki

doosri baat GEO tv ka imaaan itney arsey baad hi kio jaaga yeh videos pehlay kio publish nhi ki gai hain kia in videos k peechay koi black mailing unsar to nhi


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Amir Liaqat is exposed along with those who were with him in that video. Its all about exposing munafiqs. It shouldn't be about any sect or even any religion. Jhoota insaan jhoota hoota hay.


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Geo is outright Jew channel and they love money. They were cashing Amir in the past and now their cash cow is owned by somebody else. Naturally, this is the greatest loss. Geo loves money and it is their religion.