1. M

    رانا ثنااللہ کو تاحیات عمر قید یا سزائے موت؟

  2. A

    "Flaka" Name ka Sasta Nasha market mein aagaya, jiske istemal se Insaan ka body Temperature bohat ba

    "Flaka" name ka sasta nasha markete mein aagaya, jiske istemal se insaan ka body temprature bohat barh jata he, Aftab iqbal apne show mein tafsilat batatey huwey. Alternate link 1308398075903897
  3. L

    Another Failed Drug War: Poppy Eradication in Afghanistan

    Decades of conflict in Afghanistan have left the country's economy in shambles. The United States' approach to combating drugs in Afghanistan is to eradicate crops and criminalize the cultivators. This approach ignores the lack of economic alternatives that drives many farmers to plant poppy...
  4. L

    The U.S. Govt. is in the Gun, Drug & Prison Business

    The U.S. Govt. Has Been Complicit In Gun & Drug Running For Decades Barry Seal -- gunrunner, drug trafficker, and covert C.I.A. operative extraordinaire -- is hardly a familiar name in American politics. But nine years after he was murdered in a hail of bullets by Medellin cartel hit men...
  5. mohib

    Illicit drug production: Balochistan madrassa students harvest poppy on holidays

    QUETTA: Afghanistan, as of March 2010, is the largest illicit opium producer of the world, ahead of Burma, and Pakistan has a clinical role to play in this statistic. In 2007, Afghanistan produced an extraordinary 8,200 tonnes of opium (34% more than in 2006), becoming practically the exclusive...
  6. canadian

    Upper class Drug and sex parties in Karachi, Lahore !!

    نہیں میں نہیں پیوں گی۔۔۔۔’ارے پھرتم یہاں آئی کیوں ہو؟ چلوڈ انسنگ فلور پر چلتےہیں’۔پہلی بار سیٹرڈے نائٹ پارٹی میں آنے والی صنوبر کے منع کرنے کے باوجود اس کی کلاس فیلو اسے گھسیٹ کرساتھ لے ہی آئی۔ ڈانسنگ فلورپرمصروف صنوبراسکول کی ڈانس کلاسزمیں لی ہوئی تربیت اوراپنے شوق کی وجہ سےجلد ہی پوری پارٹی...
  7. S

    Report: Many weapons used by Mexican drug gangs originate in U.S. By Ed Payne, CNN

    Does this mean Mexico, should bomb places by drones where guns are being manufactured in United States ? Borders are hard to monitor in every country, may be US should learn something !!! Report: Many weapons used by Mexican drug gangs originate in U.S. By Ed Payne, CNN June 14, 2011 10:25 a.m...
  8. MediaCell

    Pope's Advisor Arrested on Pedophilia and Drug Charges

  9. M

    Famous drug mafia chief joins MQM

    A good news from Karachi for MQM. A killer, drug mafia, land mafia and Badmash of Keamari (Tapu Area) Sartaj or famous in area "Sartaja" join yesterday MQM. Now for sure MQM will bring Inqilaab by protecting him from the Police. I remind you that in Keamari everybody know this man...
  10. hans

    Afghanistan Drug Market

    A survey on Drug Use in Afghanistan, issued 21 June 2010 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), showed that around one million Afghans (age 15-64) suffer from drug addiction. At eight per cent of the population, this rate is twice the global average. Many Afghans are taking...