Another Failed Drug War: Poppy Eradication in Afghanistan


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Decades of conflict in Afghanistan have left the country's economy in shambles. The United States' approach to combating drugs in Afghanistan is to eradicate crops and criminalize the cultivators. This approach ignores the lack of economic alternatives that drives many farmers to plant poppy crops, and it does little to help those addicted to opium. As of 2007, the U.S. and Britain devoted $800 million per year to eradicating poppy crops, yet only 10 percent of addicts in Afghanistan receive any sort of drug treatment. This short film takes an on-the-ground look at the issue of opium production in Afghanistan. It features interviews with Afghan women who have overcome addiction but who speak to the economic realities that contribute to the persistence of the drug trade.


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As of 2007, the U.S. and Britain devoted $800 million per year to eradicating poppy crops

sara sar bakwas. Nato forces have actually protected the opium cultivation by bringing into power the very drug lords who grow it. In return the drug lords pledge allegience to these occupiers and provide them with local troops and intelligence.

UN's own reports stated that opium cultivation was almost eradicated during the Taliban regime. This inspite of the fact that they were getting little if any foriegn aid.

The current band of criminals that have been put into power by Nato for selfish reasons has not only increased opium production exponentially but has also re-introduced bacha bazi (a practice of sodomizing young children and keeping them as sex slaves). This practice that is termed in the west as child abuse and rape is well-known to Nato. The Nato backed warlords boost their collections of young boys as a testement to their power. The bigger the warlord the better his collections. This practice is done in open bazaars and over looked by Nato again for selfish reasons, since they want to keep the warlords/criminals on their side. It is important to note that this practice was almost completely eradicated by Taliban, a fact that even a western documentary admits

So much for high moral ground...
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