1. Asad Varda

    Imports fail to bring down onion prices

    KARACHI: Arrival of Iranian and Afghanistan onions failed to provide any relief to the consumers as traders further pushed up prices of the staple food to Rs90-100 per kg from Rs80. Non-availability of Sindh onion and dependence on Balochistan variety has paved way for imports from Iran and...
  2. P

    Bomb Attack on Bus in East Afghanistan

    On Monday, a bomb hit a bus carrying army recruits in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, at least 10 people were killed and 27 wounded. A bomb had been left in a motorcycle that detonated as the bus passed, Nangarhar governor spokesman Ataullah Khogyani said. There was no immediate claim of...
  3. S

    Is there any possibility of nuclear war between Pakistan and India? General Naeem Khalid Lodhi

  4. Siasi Jasoos

    Today Taliban claim to hit their biggest target "Amrullah Saleh": Dr Shahid Masood

  5. A

    افغان فوج کی سرحدی چوکی پر طالبان کے حملے میں 20 فوجی ہلاک

    کابل: افغانستان کے مختلف علاقوں میں طالبان کے حملوں میں 20 سیکیورٹی اہلکار ہلاک اور متعدد زخمی ہوگئے۔ افغانستان میں موسم گرما کے آغاز کے ساتھ ہی طالبان کے حملوں میں اضافہ ہوگیا ہے۔ رات گئے صوبہ قندھار افغان فوج کی سرحدی چوکی پر طالبان کے حملے میں 20 فوجی ہلاک اور 8 لاپتہ ہوگئے۔ افغان حکام کے...
  6. A

    Double blast kills three people, injures 20 in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad

    JALALABAD: Twin explosions on Saturday in the eastern Afghanistan city of Jalalabad killed three people and injured 20 others, local officials said. One child and two women were killed, said Mohammad Shoieb Sahak, deputy head of Nangarhar Regional Hospital. Eight security forces were among...
  7. RiazHaq

    French Elections; Militant Hindu Threats Against Pak Children; Panama JIT

    What do we know about French presidential run-off election candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine LePenn? What is at stake for France in the elections? What if the Islamophobic, anti-Europe, anti-trade, racist candidate Marine LePenn wins? Will French elections be impacted by Brexit and Trump...
  8. K

    More than 100 feared dead after Afghan military base attack

    Taliban terrorists have killed scores of Afghan Army personnel - many of the soldiers were killed inside a mosque after Friday prayer. Taliban terrorists have claimed the responsibility:
  9. allahkebande

    طالبان لیڈر ملا نانئی کوئٹہ سے گرفتار

    ایک اہم طالبان لیڈر ملا احمداللہ نانئی منگل کے روز کوئٹہ سے پکڑا گیا ملا نانئی طالبان کی شورای کا رکن اور دو افغان صوبوں کا سابق گورنر بھی رہ چکا ہے PESHAWAR: Sources in the Afghan Taliban movement have claimed that Pakistani authorities have arrested senior members of the Taliban Supreme...
  10. P

    Main Wanted Man in Mushtaq Raisani Mega Corruption Case Arrested

  11. خ

    Obama approves US troops broader role in Afghanistan, breaks promises

    RT Barack Obama has reportedly approved broadening the role of US troops in Afghanistan; a decision that once again contradicts his promises to end America's war in the country. Clips from Obama's Speeches 2013 - We would consider a train and advise mission that would extend beyond 2014...
  12. Wadaich

    Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Condemns "Munafiqat" of Iran; Asks Her to Openly Declare Strategic Relationshi

    Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] Now Iran should also form diplomatic, military and economic relations with Zionist State of Israel! After all, Iran's spiritual leader considers India as a Zionist State too. So, when Tehran can have diplomatic and strategic alliance with Zionist Mushriks...
  13. K

    At Least 848 Afghan Civilian Casualties in Kunduz: U.N.

    A detailed report has been released by UN on the siege of Kunduz province from 28 September to 13 October 2015 by Taliban. Taliban terrorists killed scores of innocent civilians as well as security personnel and government employees during their assault. Some excerpts from the UN report...
  14. M Ali Khan

    Iran, Afghan Taliban Join Hands Against ISIS

    Strange Bedfellows: Iran, Afghan Taliban Join Hands Against IS Video grab of a recent gathering of a breakaway Taliban faction in western Safiullah Stanekzai and Abubakar Siddique 18.11.2015 Iran once considered Afghanistan's hard-line Taliban as one of the greatest threats to...
  15. atensari

    Afghanistan after Mulla Umar. ::...افغانستان ملّا عمر کے بعد

  16. M Ali Khan

    Need to revisit Pakistan's Afghan policy

    VIEW : Need for revisiting Pakistans Afghan policy I Professor Ijaz Khan Pakistans reluctance to act decisively against the Taliban and/or other related targets inside Pakistan made Pakistans demands to have a strong say in the Afghan solution not trustworthy Pakistan tried to...
  17. P

    افغانستان... ایک اور سپر پاور کا قبرستان

    افغانستان... ایک اور سپر پاور کا قبرستان تحریر: ابن الشرف (امارت اسلامی افغانستان) آج سے 11 سال قبل دنیا کی نام نہاد سپر پاور امریکہ نے افغانستان پر جارحانہ طریقہ سے اپنے ہی بنائے ہوئے بے ہودہ عالمی قوانین کی دھجیاں بکھیرتے ہوئے حملہ کیا... اور اس کھلی دہشت گردی کو عین حق اور جائز قرار دیا۔...
  18. Antiam

    افغانستان... ایک اور سپر پاور کا قبرستان

    آج سے 11 سال قبل دنیا کی نام نہاد سپر پاورامریکہ نے افغانستان پر جارحانہ طریقہ سے اپنے ہی بنائے ہوئے بے ہودہ عالمی قوانین کی دھجیاں بکھیرتے ہوئے حملہ کیا اور اس کھلی دہشت گردی کو عین حق اور جائز قرار دیا۔ شاید امریکہ اس کے اتحادیوں اور بناوٹی رائے عامہ کو غیور اوربہادر افغانوں کی تاریخ...
  19. K


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