1. mrcritic

    Sweden Ship 'Freedom Flotilla' sets off to Gaza!

    Italy: A Swedish ship with rights activists from several countries aboard sailed from Naples on Saturday in the latest bid to break Israels blockade against Gaza. A crowd of well-wishers saw off the sailing vessel Estelle as it left the Italian port as part of the Freedom Flotilla movement. We...
  2. M

    National song by Pakistani Students (SWEDEN)

  3. M Ali Khan

    'Omar's Law is UNKNOWN in Sweden': Swedish historian to Imran Khan

    :P:P:P:P http://www.viewpointonline.net/omars-law-in-unknown-in-sweden-swedish-historian-tells-imran-khan.html Sweden and northern Europe had very little contact with and knowledge of the Muslim world or the Caliph Omar a hundred years ago. The strength of a broad labour movement built from...
  4. student

    Elderly man lay dead for over three years in sweden

    An elderly man was found dead in his apartment in Tumba in southern Stockholm last Wednesday with police believing that he could have been dead for over three years without anyone having noticed. The man, who is reported by the Aftonbladet daily to have been born in 1928, was found when a...