1. A Abbasi

    Haroon ur Rasheed Blocks for uploading his leaked video

    Just received a message from Haroon ur Rasheed's son. He was upset with us for releasing his father's leaked audio call to a police officer(Link: He says the audio was fake BUT Haroon Sb confirmed it's him. He called us vulgar names &...
  2. A Abbasi

    Welcome Back!

    Sorry about the delay everyone, There will be minor glitches and we'll be fixing them all in next couple of days. You are welcome to report any bugs that you find in this thread. Thanks again and welcome back
  3. pak4rule hangs too much - very irritating

    Adeel @abbasiali Waseem Respected mods I am getting irritated the way get stuck while opening pages or clicking likes or replying any post. I dont know what it hangs other browsing pages too. Is it that someone could be able to intrude into my system or too much scripts ? I will...
  4. H seem to be working for MQM by Habib Zaidi

    When ever an article or opinion or news some members post against MQM it Disappear same day or next from the front page , but when if the post is in favor of MQM it stay on the front page for more days , I think some administrators want to feed in the minds of readers that more news and opinions...
  5. next2saint

    An Open Letter to Administrator

    Dear Administator(s), I will appreciate if you please publish the vision of Besides Pakistan,does it caters the politics, issues & problems of any foreign country aswell? Correct me if i am wrong, the creater(s)/administrator(s) of this website deliberately choose the word 'siasat'...
  6. next2saint

    Contgratulations u have 100,000+ ppl who luvz u on facebook...

    DETAILS ARE: Pakistanis who support MQM = 15 Pakistanis who support PML-N = 07 Pakistanis who support PPP = 11 Pakistanis who support ANP = 02 Pakistanis who support PTI = 35 and the winners are Crazy indians who creates nuisance on = 99,968 (and more)
  7. Nawazish's Gazoo Chacha Caught Red Handed - He doesn't just have fans on here ;)

  8. Razzi walon ke nam

  9. Wadaich

    Dear Moderators! Can We Prevent Offensive Ad Images from Displaying on

    Dear Moderators, could U please do something to prevent the Ad Images as below from Displaying on this forum, as their number is growing...
  10. pak2010

    i am getting viruses from

    today whenever i am opening site my computer (scanning software) is catching viruses. what happened plzz chk
  11. Adeel & Google +1

    You guys might have noticed that we added google +1 up on top, that will display on every single page of If you like a video, talk show or a thread. Press the +1 button on top and let google know. You will Help, spread the word and more people will get to see that content all around...
  12. abbasiali wishes Ramadhan Kareem Mubarak to all of its members along with their families.

  13. abbasiali

    Congratulations to top 20 Members for their Participation in Month of July 2011

  14. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Change the name of to Siasat.PTI

    I am reviewing the threads, posts and comments from the honorable members of this Forum and observing that some members has several Ids (with few exceptions) and singing the songs of IK (TIP) rather than to give some productive comments for the development of Pakistan. It is better the name of...
  15. gazoomartian

    A New Section in Is Long Overdue -

    Attention All members; I have been a member since Dec 09 and have been actively participating in political arguments. I am sure you have noticed that the Indian members are free to join because believes in freedom of speech and opinion provided its within the terms of use. We had...
  16. M rss on android devices

    Download the app for android devices
  17. S

    Indians and

    I do not understand the love of Indians for siasatpk. Every freaking thread that is posted here whether or not it has a tint of shy for them they do not miss out the opportunity of leaving their 2 paisas. I have noticed following kind of Indians on this forum. 1- Paid agents; for sure there...
  18. hroonj2k3

    Poll for Vote Registration: 2011-2013....The Begining of the Change

    Dear Pakistan: Vote Registration Poll: 2011-2013(omg) I am a registered voter but not my familyI am a registered voter with my familyI am a registered voter with my whole family members and friendsI would register with my family as soon as possibleI would register with my family before...
  19. A

    How about an android and blackberry app for

    I have been thinking this from so long but now that I see every website is launching their andriod app. so should do. What do you think?
  20. lllcolumbuslll

    what is rules and regulations about fake ID. attention admin.

    ||columbus|| View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles Add as Contact View Activity ایم کیو ایم کے ممبران کی طرف سے تحریک انصاف کے جوشیلے کارکن کولمبس کی جعلی آئی ڈی بنا دی گئی ھے۔ لہذا تحریک انصاف کے کارکنان سے گزارش ھے کہ دشمن مافیا سے ھوشیار رھیں۔ میرا...

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