1. Shahid Naama

    Shahid Nama - 16th August 2011 - Shaikh Rasheed - Who is responsible for current situation: Bureauc

  2. 1-Man-Army

    Doosra Pehlu - 22nd July 2011 - Akbar Sher Babar(PTI) - Who is responsible for corruption??

    excellent performance by Akber S. Baber
  3. pakiace

    Indians held Pakistan responsible prior investigations for trio mumbai blasts!

  4. In Session

    Insession - 8th July 2011 - Shehla Raza & Moeen u Din - Once Again Blood Holi in Karachi----Who is R

  5. S

    Nawaz Sharif responsible of Operation 1992 & Martyrdom of MQM workers: Haider

    Nawaz Sharif responsible of Operation 1992 & Martyrdom of MQM workers: Haider Rizvi
  6. Do Tok

    Do Tok - 11th June 2011 - Who is Responsible of Destruction of Pakistani Cricket

  7. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 8th June 2011 - Marvi Memon & Rashida - Flood: Decision of Supreme Court, Who is Res

  8. D

    Indo-Pak Wars, who is responsible? - Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan

    Regional conflict: Stronger Pakistan is in Indias interest By Qaiser Butt ISLAMABAD: India is not interested in attacking Pakistan as a strong Pakistan is in its own interest, Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan said on Thursday. Ridiculing the Indian-centric policies of establishment, he said...
  9. M_Adnan.L

    Pakistan Army is mainly responsible for current economic crisis in Pakistan!

    All of you know about the current economic crisis in Pakistan. According to a report by an international organization Pakistani people don't have enough money to buy even food although enough food is available in Pakistan . they further said that food crisis in Pakistan is worst than some of...
  10. S

    RAW, CIA and Mossad and Pakistan Taliban responsible for Karachi.

    The attack at the Mehran Pakistan Naval Base was planned much in advance and executed by CIA. MI5 and Mossad ruthless efficiency and not by hit and run crude intelligence of Pakistani Taliban or any other group. The foreigner mercenaries were definitely helped by local hired criminals who were...
  11. Narcissist

    Who was responsible for 1965 war between Pakistan & India

    Here is little dose for the folk, who do not nauseate and allergic to hear the truth; Here is Air Martial Asghar Khan spelling out the reality of our tainted history. Our government should have shame to manipulate innocent minds with rubbish and should stop to teach false history for academic...
  12. saeed khan

    Responsible of 2/05/11 Army or government

    Most of us are saying that ISI and army are responsibly that US helicopters entered and did an operation in Pakistan. US helicopters entered in our country after a planning of this operation. Before the operation US sent many Rambos to Pakistan to get different informations for the planning of...
  13. Bilal_Mushi

    Can you pinpoint at the single person who is responsible for this despicable state of affairs of Pak

    Can you pinpoint at the single person who is responsible for this despicable state of affairs of Pakistan? My answer is "Pervaiz Musharraf". This is not a poll question........please take few minutes of your time and refresh your memories first. The question is a single (one) person...
  14. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 3rd May 2011 - *Dr Shahid Masood* Govt & Establishment, both are responsible!

  15. crankthskunk

    What is happening in Paksitan: Who is responsible?

    I am quite disappointed from the response on my thread “State of Pakistan”. Unfortunately, we are more worried and comments more on some Altaf Hussain videos, how he sells “Choran” be it in favour or against him. But we had such a huge event in Pakistan, which is against our sovereignty, but...
  16. Awam Ki Adalat

    Awam Ki Adalat - 1st May 2011- Leadership Is Responsible For Balochistan Crisis!!

  17. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 12th April 2011 - Shaikh Waqas & Mehreen Jabar - Davis Freed...Who Is Respon

  18. In Session

    In session - 9th April 2011 - Javed Laghari, Ishaq Dar & Marvi Memon - Dissolution Of HEC, Who Is Re

  19. News Watch

    News Watch - 4th April 2011 - Protest of Doctors, Who is Responsible, Wahab Riaz -- Shinning Star of

  20. mohib

    Indian Media Responsible for Worsening Pakistan - India Relationship - Afridi