News Night with Talat - 12th April 2011 - Shaikh Waqas & Mehreen Jabar - Davis Freed...Who Is Respon


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It is proved that this so called democracy is TOPI DRAMA...
The Actual Government is ARMED FORCES...
TECHNOCRAT GOVT which is coming will be another TOPI DRAMA to implement NWO..
Welcome to REALITY..


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I wasn't watching but just listening but heard one guy saying and PPP woman seconding him that we shouldn't speak against our agencies like b hain jaisi b hain woh hamari agencies hain ... this is just a bulls**t. I have been noticing for past many months how PPP is making Army and ISI happy for another term .They are trying their best. The motive of PPP government is just to do corruption and make money - even by selling off Pakistan.

I am a supporter of PTI but I definitely criticize IK on just tarnishing image of Punjab government on this RD issue coz Punjab is where IK has the biggest presence and ofcourse breaking the vote of PML(N). Yes, Punjab govt was involved, coz without their involvement it won't hv been possible. However, the real culprit is Federal Govt and not Punjab government. Army and ISI are under Fed Govt and out of their control. Its Fed Govt's duty to control them. I understand that our Army and ISI is extremely power hungry and power corrupt and have been like that for over 50 years now, however, if any politician raises voice against Army/ISI like Ch. Nisar did, all political parties....each and every political worker in this country and each and every person of the nation should get together. What Ch. Nisar said is absolutely right. Army has been the culprit. Why don't we get together on this issue? If we let Army rule this country, we will never go ahead.....never. In India most of the politicians may be corrupt or bad BUT they have always been together against Army and that is why they have never had a martial law despite of the fact that there were some conspiracies in army to rule India in 1950's and 1960's.

Extremely bad behavior of all parties in this regard. PML(N) is taking stand only coz they can see ISI supporting other parties and breaking PML(N) vote bank. The real winner in all this game is PPP. If these parties in Punjab keep on fighting with each other and not coming together on national issues, in case of fair elections, we might see another term of PPP government.....and that's what US wants as well. They have got a Presidentially controlled government in Pakistan with a putli PM, and this government ensures that not a single penny of financial Aid or taxes is spent on the development of Pakistan - that's exactly what US wants.

Army tore Pakistan into two pieces in 1971. Now Army is getting ready to get Baluchistan separated. Army has always ruined Pakistan and will always do that till they are fixed. The whole nation needs to get together on this issue. People don't know their power, unfortunately. All politicians should get together on this issue. Stand together against Army and ISI's evil plans and acts. Also, I am waiting for a miracle from Allah when our loyal Army jawans and young officers realize this thing. They need to come out of the hypnotism which is done on them in 2.5 years of PMA training, the training which snatches away the ability to use mind and installs a brain which just says "YES SIR". My dear loyal Armymen - Be loyal to Pakistan and not your Generals. You took oath to serve the country and not your generals. You are not doing right...wake up...... Remember the israeli PM saying: "We are lucky that Pak Army is loyal to its commander and not its country; you bought the General, you bought the Army". Also an ex-Israeli President once wrote: "I can't sleep at night just hoping for Musharaf to remain alive....i keep on thinking what could have happened if we didn't have Musharaf in Pakistan".

I suggest all of you, readers to read Hamood ur Rehman Commission report. Don't form your opinions without having enough knowledge. I know most of the people in Pakistan have not spent any time reading or i should say researching the true history and how East Pakistan was taken away. Read about details....even till the end how cowardly Gen. Niazi acted.

I am writing again, Pakistan can never improve, until all the politicians....and by all I mean ALL....100%....including establishment parties like MQM,..... all get together and stand up against the power corruption and interference of Army and ISI. These institutions are reportable to Fed Govt and should keep themselves for what they are hired and trained for.

Now everyone who doesn't like blunt comments or doesn't want to challenge him/herself with gaining new knowledge is more than welcome to mark "red" :). I won't care. Only those learn who want to learn :)