RAW, CIA and Mossad and Pakistan Taliban responsible for Karachi.

Saladin A

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The attack at the Mehran Pakistan Naval Base was planned much in advance and executed by CIA. MI5 and Mossad ruthless efficiency and not by hit and run crude intelligence of Pakistani Taliban or any other group. The foreigner mercenaries were definitely helped by local hired criminals who were killed during the exchange of fire but the real executors of the plan escaped before they had blown up two Orion military planes worth 6-8 billions rupees and God knows what other secrets they took away with them.

I suspect that this military attack on Pakistan naval base by foreigner mercenaries was helped directly and indirectly internally by not one but many conspirators who were and are planted for this kind of specific terrorist operations. It was a shameful lack of security lapse and incompetence that the few terrorists and foreign mercenaries with detailed inch by inch knowledge of the surroundings of the naval military base penetrated sensitive defenses of the Pakistans establishment and caused horrendous damage to our countrys image and reputation as a dwindling weak state.

This corrupt PPP government and its coalition partners are not fit to rule and defend the country.


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Saladin A

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گرم ہو جاتا ہے جب محکوم قوموں کا لہو
تھرتھراتا ہے جہان چار سُو و رنگ وبُو


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More then anyone else our own sellout's are to blame! They know who is responsible yet remain silent!