1. insaf-seeker

    Imran Khan's prediction 15 years ago!

    ٢٠٠٢ کے الیکشن میں جب میں ایک سٹوڈنٹ تھا، میری ملاقات عمران خان سے لاہور کے پی سی ہوٹل میں ایک سیاسی میٹنگ میں ہوئ، عمران خان جب ہوٹل کی لابی میں داخل ہوۓ تو صرف وو لوگ آگے بڑھ کر ملے جن کی عمر 40 سال سے زیادہ تھی میں ایک طرف ہو کر صرف اس ملاقات کو دیکھ رہا تھا، خان صاحب صوفے پر بیٹھے اور چاروں...
  2. S

    Pakistan Prepares to Thwart US Prediction of Attack on a Nuclear Weapons Site Soon

    It seems that the US is “planning” a “prediction” for an attack on Pakistani Nuclear facilities. As expected the US newspapers have begun to harp on the possibility of an attack on Pakistani Nuclear sites. Let the other shoe fall. This has been a prediction of the die-hard Pakistanphobes in...
  3. Asif shah

    Prediction of The Arab Awakening ( in 2003 ) and the Role of Aljazeera and Israel

    When you look at this video please consider that it was made in 2003. This is significant especially to what we see happening in our world today. The predictions are remarkably accurate. View the longer version of this speech below where among other things the financial collapse was...
  4. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 9th June 2011 - Hadiqa Kiyani - Prediction Of Flood in 2011

  5. Awaaz

    Awaz with Kamran Shahid - 27th May 2011 - Ayaz Wazeer & Zafar Halali - Hillary's Prediction For Good

  6. S

    WC Semi Final : Prediction of "Gora Fans"

  7. H

    Psycho Mike's Prediction on Pakistan vs. India Semi final - LOL

  8. Pathfinder

    Collapse of Nations A Prediction.

  9. BanneD

    Prediction of Revolution 2011 by Sheikh Imran Hosein revealed in 2003

    Prediction of Revolution 2011 by Sheikh Imran Hosein revealed in 2003 : This man is awesome..!! Anyone knows about Sheikh Imran Hosein ?? Where does he belong and who is he ?? Please after watching share these answers with me!!