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  • Dont expect a general to come down to a low level brigadier with tu tu mai mai games!
    World came to know how good is isi and how good pakistan army protects,trains terrrorists camps ,lashkar ;how well protected laden was;mulah omar and haqanni networks live in pakistan!!

    Dont ask for certificates from indian generals who are polite,sensible unlike your generals,politicians!!

    World knows how responsible pakistan army,armed forced is ;how much money paki generals made selling centrifuges and nuke tech to libya,iran,n korea!!

    No indian member needs to explain to you and your nation!!!


    You seem to be knew here. Merging of posts with similar posts is very common. Because she (star gazer) posted first so the moderator merged it. They merged even deleted many posts

    by the way I am gonna be launching my Party's Forum but not ready yet. go and check out ilovepak.com my party name is Pakistani Patriots


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