The Waziristan Extravaganza !


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All the boot polishers coming out of the woodwork in full force...
Good time to look around and see "kon kitnay pani mein hai"..
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Press the link with exclamation sign (/\) on his posts and report his abuses to admins. Keep your cool dude they want you to lose track.


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PMLN ka ak he formula ha

Banda teeth hona chay da izat an jan wale chz ha

in de jitne bizte karo iy eahi samjdy randan ke izat ho rahe ha.
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Why is buzdil Nawaz not taking this up in parliament? Why does he not do anything to stop the
killing of his own people? He wants to lead the country again to just continue his corruption and expand
his business empire even more but he doesn't care about the people of waziristan and what they have
to go through everday!:angry_smile:
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Altaf Lutfi

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Itni maghazmaari ki bajaey seedha seedha bath room mein jaa kar IK aur hum PTI lovers ko galiyaan de letay, tumhari takleef rafa hu jaati. health tip yeh hai k raat ko chhat pe chlay jaya karo dost aur aasmaan ki taraf dekha karo. Tum ko itna bhi nai pata keh IK ne zaroorat-e-rishta ka ishtehaar nai dia hua, woh mulk se bhook, aflaas aur ghulaami ka khatma chahta hai, jis k liay Seeta White na madad kar sakti hai na rukawat daal sakt hai.

Muhib e Watan

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While surveys explaining decline of PTIs distinction to over quarter percentage, Kaptaan *HAD* to do something to grab it back.

The Survey came now ... but the Peace March was planned many months ago ...

what a cheap justification (thumbsdown)


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