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  • Since the thread was closed I am leaving a brief reply here. Just a little correction - I am not peeved at your support for the operation against Qadri. You have a right to support whatever you think is right. I am just appalled at the callousness with which most PMLn leaders and supporters are justifying this murderous response of the police.
    Usually you support PMLn without overtly supporting them and most of the time you are balanced in your approach. I do understand that you see TUQ as your nemesis right now - there could be multitude of reasons for that. Some of his demands make sense but I consider him an egocentric person and a nuisance at best. Still I think that you and other PMLners are overstating the threat from him. Be against TUQ and support the government in tackling any illegal and undemocratic moves but the administration itself has to stay within the limits of the law and show restraint to prevent loss of life.
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