News Beat - 29th April 2011 - Pervez Musharaf & Ansaar Barni - Forming Of One More Muslim League G


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Pakistan Navy submarines plus Navy commandos are just for
fishing in Arabian sea? What kind of message we wish to convey
these pirates that they should prepare for another ambush?


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Shekh Ayyaz Mahmood
when benazur was PM zardari was mr 10% and he killed murtiza bahttoo now he kiled benazir bahtto and and become persident also change his father now he is asif bahtto that y bilaval is now bilaval bahtto no one ask about murtiza mardred case after 32 years he want to sale his father deadbody rejeem and inselting a great pakistani leader to coninue his corrupt govnmt; PPPP IS HIGHJACK BY ZARDAI/MALIK/BARBER AND JIALAS ARE INNOCENTS
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