Nawaz Sharif to address the nation in two days & he has decided to remove seven higher rank Army off


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7 high ranking officers? I think that the only appointments PM can make are the 3 service chiefs, and JCSC. Rest, from Colonel to Lt. Gen are promoted by military boards. Not sure where ML is getting his info.

I have a very reliable guess where he is pulling this all out from but I will refrain as this is a family friendly forum :)


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Kiyoon mujhay gora saab bana diya? [/COLOR]:)

[/COLOR]Brave step would have been to preempt this move on part of IK and TUQ by doing couple of things - one was to register an FIR and
the other was to figure out a way to move forward on investigations for the rigging allegations. This could have been handled months ago.
Plus they lost all credibility by gunning down those Qadri supporters for no good reason. I do think that anyone should be allowed to
protest as long as they are peaceful and these people have been peaceful. If you dig up the statements before the march there were no
calls for PM's resignation but these protesters tried to reach for a lot more than what they came for when they saw the weakness on
part of the government. I think that Zardari was a lot better in handling political matters than these Sharifs. They are no true democrats and
it clearly shows that their training in the art of politics at the hands of their military handlers in their early days is hurting them. Because when the
going gets tough in the political arena then the true democrats flourish and artificially manufactured politicians in military nurseries just resort to
idiotic antics.

Thats akin to burying your head like an ostrich. That seems that ISI is an autonomous organization which is not even under the
control of the chief or PM or anyone? A state within state? What did NS do to work that problem out. Waiting for the storm to pass over
for a bright and sunny day is no strategy.

Really? Do you think that its all about waiting for September 1 for better days to come? Who appointed this guy as DG ISI?
What guarantee is that the next guy coming in will not be a touch more anti Sharif?
What you said about the PAT/PTI workers running away was being said even before these sit-ins started. Its almost half a month now.

Apart from mistakes and missteps by PTI I think that the government has lost credibility and is weakened considerably. If you need
to teach how to lose clout after a clear majority in elections then you have to study how the Sharifs rule. They are idiots! I always
blame the military for our woes but its the politicians that hurt us more when the going gets tough. And, when I talk about politicians
then it includes ALL politicians including IK!

Apologies for unintentional additional word in your name

Thanks for your detailed response Bro.
All I would say that this was to go ahead at any cost, if these were not the reasons there would be some reasons engineered

Govt has taken all weapons away from Police, (apart from very few with numbered bullets)
reason: Police did not shot all fires on PAT workers, there were hidden hands firing indicrinately from police side

You are absolutley right that there is no Gurantee that next guy will not as anti Sharif as current one but one can only hope
for may be not Pro Govt but for a true professional without a vendetta or agenda..

Govt has weakened, No Dout, but when dust settles, Govt will not be the only loser so it will be able to regain its writ in few months
Chinese PM visit to Pakistan will change the scene, if this Govt survived, which I believe it will ...


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بھول گیا ہے کہ پہلے مشرف کے ساتھ یہ کرنے کی کوشش کی تھی تو دس سال کے لئے باہر ہو گیا تھا ..اب کیا اس نے واقعی اندر ہونے کا ارادہ کر لیا ہے


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Typical PTI khush guftari. Gusse mein zaban par qaboo nahi rehta. Saans pholne lagti hai aur munh say jhaag nikalne lagta hai.

You write about democratic values? You?? You can't register FIR?? You bloody munafiqs.

Bull Shiit on all PML-N Munafiq/ Jhoote.


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InshaAllah, if this is true
This will be a Big step forward and another chapter in our Democratic History

But actually ML has got no more Afzal Khans so he is making statements to keep this thing going
Urging Army officers to revolt as General Sharif is not willing to kick NS *** out...

Ya in the same way when this dumb had strengthened the so called Democracy on 12th Oct 1999.00


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Thats correct. Per contitution, PM can only appoint or remove services chiefs, not anybody down below. mubashir is trying to create fasad anong army officers

7 high ranking officers? I think that the only appointments PM can make are the 3 service chiefs, and JCSC. Rest, from Colonel to Lt. Gen are promoted by military boards. Not sure where ML is getting his info.


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Establishment is furious. Nawaz shahbaz democracy nai hai .if parliament fails to held nawaz accountable pmln ppp aur inn k supporters k sath bahut gandii honey wali hai.
Zardari deal kar k side pey joo jaye gaa paid journalists ki list nikaley gii and they will held accountable in the real sense. Some of the channels will b compromised .all the pro pmpn buercrates judges will b sacked .inshort nawaz ki ego ki khatar pura zia school of thought will be comprised .mark my words Taliban ko army ney khatam kar diya hai abb civil society aur political parties mein zia k bachoon ko khatam karney ka time hai agar yeh apney app ko change nai kartey .