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  • شکریہ آپکا ، عدیل صاحب کو میسج کیا ہے دیکھتے ہیں وہ کیا کرتے ہیں ، اگر تھریڈ نہ کھلا تو پھر سوچیں گے کیا کریں ، آپ اپنی پوسٹ جو لکھی ہے سمبھال کر رکھیں
    send an email to me on [email protected].. Brother I am extremely ant PML N. But I am extremely against Zaid Hamid. kitni baar mein ne dil mein socha. ke if only Allah give me courage and opportunity to I end his life. I cant tell you my feelings for Zaid Hamid. You can never know
    aap ne add kia Shukria
    lekin aik baat aap ko arz kar doon k mujhe bohut se loog PMLN ka samajhte hain lekin main Imran khan ka na sirf Supporter balke Voter aur PTI k purana member hoon , lekin Imran Khan ki politics se bohut shadeed kisam ke ikhtalafat ki wajha se us k khilaf bolta hoon aur main PTI ke majority members ko bohut munaafiq aur Jahil Samajhta hoon
    Thanks. I read your comments. Your civility and decency is much appreciated. Will respond to your comments as soon as time permits.
    I have tried to answer your questions. Please read and comment. Thanks. I didn't meant to dislike it but mistake but this Siasat.pk forum doesn't allow to undo things like facebook.
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