1. A

    To The most respectable Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif

    To, The most respectable Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif Asalam o Alikum Sir, I am a big admirer of your personality and the efforts you made for Pakistan. We hardly see such examples around us. Sir, I am aware of, my opinion worths nothing but your choice or the decision of...
  2. funkymonk

    Request: Does anyone have video where Zulfiqar Mirza said MQM is like breast cancer ?

    Hi I am looking for the video .. which was on ARY I believe .. where Zulfikar Mirza mentioned MQM is like breast cancer .. does anyone have the video ?
  3. abbasiali

    Friends Indeed: Request your support for Fund Raising Dinner in order to bring an MRI Machine to the

  4. hans

    Request Provide Documented Proof founding Pakistani leader were in favor of Khilafat-e-Rashida Model

    For a few years there has been an ever expanding feeling that Pakistan Founding leaders were in favor of Khilafat-e-Rashida Model of Governance. Now my Request would be if those highly educated well learned people who have knowledge on this issue ....with out any Hate, Taunts, Mud Slinging and...
  5. crankthskunk

    SC request Information from Public

    I think after years of dithering, CJ has finally decided to charge some people with contempt of Court. SC has issued request for information. The second request is about advertisement or funds made available by someone to conduct propaganda against SC.
  6. Night_Hawk

    Indian world record Vande Mataram removed on Pakistani request

    Indian world record Vande Mataram removed on Pakistani request Posted by Usman 4 August, 2011 64Share The Guinness Book of World Record has deleted an Indian record of singing national...
  7. R

    Urgent request to admin-delete certain posts

    DEAR ADMIN: please delete ALL posts in which stupid people blatantly advocate terror/VIOLENCE. THE ENTIRE WORLD reads this forum, especially our enemies, and if pakistanis make STUPID comments advocating senseless violence, it will only serve to destroy the already badly bruised image of...
  8. Malik495

    Request to admin... Add links of last three programs in new show.

    Dear Admin ... kia aisa ho sakta hay k hr talk show k sath usi talk show k last 3 ya 4 days k links bhi post kr diye jayen... sometimes kisi waja se login na ho sakain to talk show to update ho jaty hen maloom nahi hota k kal k ya parson k talk shows men kon se guest thy... agar hr talk show k...
  9. J

    A request to admin !

    Im requesting to admin please please improve your search facility Im sorry to say that existing search facility is very very third class I didnt find ever which I needed. Thanks in advance.
  10. L

    A Request to All Muslims and Non-Muslims Please CALL MASJID not Mosque

    Assalamoalaikum, I am sure many brothers and sisters have received this HOAX. The wordings are as follows: CALL MASJID not Mosque Dear Muslims, Please read this and pass it on to any and all Muslims that you can. It is vital and important information, I believe. Muslims Refrain From Using...
  11. T

    Request to all members.

    ASALAM A LEKUM everyone,i just had a request to all members,take it or leave it. My request is that we all should not derail threads,just now i was going through a thread"awesome pics from around the world" and then someone had given a pic of altaf hussain and then imran khan and so all...
  12. MileStone

    Admin, I request you to please remove faceBook links from

    I would like to request Admin of to please remove all the facebook related links from the website in protest against the Muhammad drawing competetion on FaceBook on May 20th. Its not like that we can not live without Facebook. This has not happened for the first time, that they are...
  13. B

    A personal request to americans

    Guys, Shall we make a request to Americans following the recent activity: If you people make a second geronimo(name of abbotabad operation) in Islamabad at the president house and the PM house, we would never ask you against that and even we won't open our eyes. Also we allow you to bury them...
  14. digitalzygot

    Request to ban all threads related to MQM and people supporting MQM

    It's evident that MQM is a terrorist organisation (shocked to read JIT details, these people have no regard for human life, they killed people like they were not humans), people repeatedly come and support them. This website is for people to express their views about different things/political...
  15. P

    Pakistan vs india semi final ( request to pakistani nation by a pakistani)

    Bismillah :aa: Dear Brother & Sisters, I know Every one of us can`t wait to see the Sun Rise and begin the day of wednesday... A historical day for the game of cricket.. where PAKISTAN & INDIA the arch rivals go head to head against each other... There is huge...
  16. D

    PTI lovers should request their chairman to leave politics and become Imam masjid

    The following advice is in response to the address of imran to namazis in lalmasjid available on youtube. What a desperation of pti chairman. first he published on media his pictures of performing namaz and now he has started speeches in masjids. what a cheap way of winning voters ? would...
  17. simple_and_peacefull

    Benazir murder case: LHC accepts Aziz's request for hearing in Lahore

    Published: March 16, 2011 Aziz says he fears government officials will try to influence the case. LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Wednesday accepted a bail plea of former Rawalpindi CCPO Saud Aziz who is accused in the Benazir murder case for the shifting of the hearing to the Lahore...
  18. arslan4u

    Request to ban user 'honesty'

    I want to request admins to ban user honesty as he has been deliberately ranting on against Imran Khan in every thread and is copy-pasting his rants in every thread he sees. He first made the username Dr Z Khan and then made the username honesty. Copy-pasted posts: Post #1...