To The most respectable Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif

Ansar Cheema

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The most respectable Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif

Asalam o Alikum Sir,

I am a big admirer of your personality and the efforts you made for Pakistan. We hardly see such examples around us. Sir, I am aware of, my opinion worths nothing but your choice or the decision of retirement means a lot to you. The next one might will prove himself as good as you (that is less likely but let us say). You are leaving successful after performing your duty as a Chief of Army Staff, doing a lot of other projects for the betterment of economy and against civil terrorism. But there are many on the way those need your supervision.

We can never forget your efforts. With all due apologies, I would say that your decision of retirement shows a bit of selfishness. Why do I think so, your decision of retirement seems quiet ethical but Pakistan still needs you Sir. The nation is still feeling so insecure. The country is still suffering from many issues caused by actors from inside(ruling elite) and outside(neighbour countries). They behave a lot different in your presences. As soon as they got sure that you are leaving, they have started raising their heads again. They have surly planned to loot and damage our beloved country again. Sir, you are still healthy physically, you are still having one of the healthiest mind to perform this duty.

We still need you Sir. The person like you should not quite so early. Sir, none of us should stop serving the country as the nations father died performing his duty but never did quite serving the nation. They country has taken a few valuable step in the race of development. It still needs a run. You are well aware of how fast the world is developing and we are far behind. Our main issue is corruption. The country needs you to get rid of corrupt mafia. I beg to say, please do not leave us, the nation may never get any other chance to improve neither you will be able to serve. Otherwise the historian will write, the nation got hit back due to the principles of best person among them. Allah bless you. You live in our hearts.

Best Regards,
A poor Pakistani

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mubarik Shah

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Ansar bhai...please donate glasses to patwari with a little wit so that they can see to read and then understand this ....


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Siasat PK bhi sahi boot polishya hai .......sara forum boot polish per laga dya.....Adeel maal banyi jao abb tumhara forum koi nahi band keray ga


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stupid 3rd world nonsense... no vision.. no awareness for institutional building.. just sheeps.. they like to follow someone.. you are actually begging him to enslave u.. the thing is.. developed nations build institutes rather than personalities.. they think about the long term..