1. M

    Traffic problem in Pakistan - Reason Behind Blockage

  2. PFMMedia

    حکومتی نظام کس چیزکی مانند ہے؟ہارون خواج&#1729

    ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ????? Freedom from injustice, inequality, indifference and oppression Web: Facebook: Twitter:
  3. Narcissist

    You too Canada??? Islamisation is problem, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper

    Canada was considered quite a neutral nation towards religious harmony and to the idea respect for individual belief and so on. But seemingly, in the present the equation is going to change soon, as Prime Minister admitted that since 9/11, Islamicism is going to be the biggest threat to the...
  4. ahmadalikhan

    Real Problem of Karachi exposed by a Police Inspector (A must read column)
  5. Malik495

    Biggest Problem of Pakistan.... As an independet country

    64 years of independence are completed.... we are still struggling to enjoy freedom..... Just want to know your point of view Which is the biggest problem of Pakistan? 1- Corruption 2- Feudalism 3- Illeteracy 4- Extremism 5- Moderation 6- Taxation system 7- Democracy 8- Army...
  6. WatanDost

    Is this a problem of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah?Your Opinion.

    MUSALMANOON kai Pakistan kai musalmanoon kai MASAIL ki JHARR aik hi cheez kai FUQDAN mai pooshida hai. KHOOF E ALLAH RABUL IZZAT KA HAMREY ANDAR SAI KHATAM HO JANA Aik khof e bari tallah ham sab bahaisiat e muslaman apney andar paida kar lain Kai ALLAH SWT har jaga moujood aur hamrey har har...
  7. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 26th July 2011 - Siddiq al Farooq & Samina Khawer Hayat - Is Corruption our Problem

  8. S

    The Solution of the Problem of SINDH. ( Spartacus )

    The division of the Sindh province i.e. Sindh-North and Sindh-South , is the solution of the problem of SINDH. ( Spartacus)
  9. A

    No problem

    eskimos..... no problem....... short story eskimos who live in poles always lead a life of happiness and they never say there is a problem in their life. feeling jealous of this, the people living in nearby towns pledged to make an eskimo say he has a problem. They kidnapped an eskimo...
  10. awan4ever

    Pakistans General Problem. (Murshid..marwa na dena)

    Pakistans General Problem How Pakistans Generals turned the country into an international jihadi tourist resort What is the last thing you say to your best general when ordering him into a do-or-die mission? A prayer maybe, if you are religiously inclined. A short lecture, underlining...
  11. Jack Sparrow

    What Do You Think America is Part of Problem or Part of Solution for Pakistan

    1.America is a part of problem 2.America is part of solution Mods, Kindly make it Poll
  12. PkRevolution

    First Major problem Zardari, Gillani and Rehman Malik!!!!!!!

    How to get Rid of them? I request Rangers, Sipahis and Police JAWANS to take this responsibility on their shoulders. Obeying Pakistans Rulers is a crime now. Any suggestion? WANTED (Reward at least 2000 from me)
  13. Night_Hawk

    China farmers face 'exploding' watermelon problem

    China farmers face 'exploding' watermelon problem...
  14. S

    ANP Opposes Urdu As A National language - What is the Problem with ANP, اے این پی کی نئ تکلیف

    Assalam o Alaikum, First of all I want to make it clear that I don't believe in ethnicity. It has no place in Islam. I myself is pure Punjabi (after being Muslim & Pakistani). This I mention just to stop possible objections/criticism of some of the people towards urdu speaking people after...
  15. A

    Attention moderators!! Please fix this problem

    Salam, with your edited style of liking or disliking a post, i have noticed a very annoying thing. When ever I press the like or dislike button for a post containing a video which is playing at that moment, it refreshes the video instead of just keep it playing. Example: Someone posts a video...
  16. sherazopel

    Finally A Pakistani discovered a madicine for every problem (Very Funy)

    Finally A Pakistani discovered a madicine for every problem (Very Funy)
  17. T

    Jewish Power: The "0.002%" World Problem

    Jewish Power: The "0.002%" World Problem by Mohamed Khodr (Tuesday, October 21, 2003) "We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world - no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction...