No problem

Abdul Allah

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eskimos..... no problem....... short story

eskimos who live in poles always lead a life of happiness and they never say there is a problem in their life.
feeling jealous of this, the people living in nearby towns pledged to make an eskimo say he has a problem.
They kidnapped an eskimo and tied his eyes with black cloth and took him to a steep hill and at the peak removed the black cloth.
When the eskimo tried to find out where he was standing he could find a deep valley in front of him and found himself at the tip of the deadly point. People behind him then asked him if he is now in a problem but the eskimo said no. They then told him if he is prepared to accept there is a problem they will release him failing which they will push him into the deep valley and he had no chance of survival.
The eskimo again replied that he had no problem . When they asked how he could say this when his life is at danger, the eskimo replied "if i am pushed into the valley i am going to die and i will have no problem. If you change your decision and leave me free , i will be back to my place and i will have no problem"
The villagers found the reality of life and let him go

I wish you an Eskimo life for you which means a no problem life


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but we are Pakistanis, we have a habit to 'create' a problem if it is not there. No problem life is so boring for us.

Pak Zindabad

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This is indeed a good will see in few hours we will create a problem out of this with our Controversy. Love,Peace and Smile.