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  • معافی کی خواستگاری کیبعد ۔ ۔ ۔ کونسا سوال، میں سمجھا نہیں؟
    آپ کی مسواک خوری کی عادت چھوٹنا مُشکل ہے لیکن افاقے کیلئے دُعاؤں میں ربي زدني علما تجویز کرتا ہوں۔
    thank you brother abdullah to like my post. i think in this forum some people working against paksitan what do u think brother am i right?
    Thought of a Pakistani

    My mother tongue is Punjabi. My national language is Urdu. I am doing business in broken English moreover, Allah has made my religion in Arabic the language more then 99.99% Pakistani even don't speak, read, write, and completely don't understand.

    Faisal Masood a Pakistani.
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