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    what expectation we do have from honest judges real heroes

    Do you expect cj can do more in karachi suomoto than what he did in following suomoto/cases 1.petroleum product commission under rana bhagwan das,petrol price came down?commission expense was more than relief 2.sugar scandal sugar became cheaper? 3.Fake degrees now our all legislators are having...
  2. U

    Nusrat javaid is honest but Najam sethi is not : Haroon rasheed

    ON his web site Haroon ur Rasheed replied to a question by a member regarding Nusrat javaid and Najam sethi . . . . .. Bilal8/16/2011 6:19:10 PM AOA,Why People like Najam Sethi, Nusrat Javed, are against Imran Khan.? DO you think they do it only for ratings of their programs because the...
  3. N

    Who are the Top 10 Honest Politician in Pakistan?

    Who are the Top 10 Honest Politician in Pakistan? I have listed few politicians. Imran Khan Javed Hashmi Raza Rabbani Qazi Hussain Ahmed Marvi Memon Qamar Zaman Kaira Dr.Firdous Ashiq Awan (Accused Kashmala to be a product of Heera mundi). Mustafa Kamal Fozia Ejaz Khan kashmala tariq Hina...
  4. Ammad Hafeez

    Another product of Honest and Middle-class leadership.. MQM - Raza Haroon

    MQM Raza Haroon - A Middle-Class Professional to a Gem of Politics
  5. Arslan

    Aik Din Geo Ke Sath - 10th July 2011 -Raza Haroon - MQM

  6. Geek

    If Pakistan's leaders cannot be honest, at least let them be competent

    The problem with Pakistan is not just corruption – ineptitude pervades its bureaucratic culture of governance Corruption is often considered the cause of all evils in Pakistan. But the basic problem is not just corruption. Rather, it is incompetence: those who run the country are incapable of...