1. C

    Everybody looks towards America to make Government. Ugly Politics

  2. C

    Government Schools - Educating or sheep-herding !

    :133: (buribaat) (buribaat)
  3. mohib

    Photo of people protestening against the government in greece

  4. moazzamniaz

    Majority of Pakistanis want government to Islamise society: Gallup Poll

    Majority of Pakistanis want government to Islamise society: Gallup Poll Published: May 31, 2011 A majority of Pakistanis want the government to take steps for the Islamisation of society, revealed a recently released Gilani Poll...
  5. tariq_tariq

    American Senator Speaks against his Government - this is the realty.

  6. Night-Hawk

    Pakistani government walks a middle line

    Lawrence Davidson, a professor of Middle East history at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, says that Clinton was too optimistic when she said that US-Pakistani relations have reached a turning point. [The US] wants the border security [with Afghanistan], except that the Pakistani...
  7. simple_and_peacefull

    why our intelligence failure at peak during this government

    I think & think again and did same thing many times. I read most of news about intelligence failure. I tried to find how intelligence system works in our motherland and how information delivers to correct people. I found high numbers of failure happen during this most corrupt Government. I may...
  8. Raaz

    This is time for Dharna against government for power and inflation.

  9. S

    No water, no gas, no electricity and no food for the 17 crore people & yet this beysharam government

    No water, no gas, no electricity and no food for the 17 crore people & yet this choor, beysharam, beyghairat, dishonest, corrupt and greedy government is in power. How come Pakistani people tolerate, endure and live with this corrupt PPP government is beyond my comprehension? If it were any...
  10. Geek

    What John Kerry got from our Government?

  11. Lekin

    Lekin - 17th May 2011 - Nazir Naji - Silence Of Government Over Drone Attacks

  12. A

    Excellent decision by Punjab Government - Punjab says no to foreign aid Government of Punjab decides not to rely on the foreign aid and instead to promote trade with the other countries GOOD SHERAAAA
  13. saeed khan

    Responsible of 2/05/11 Army or government

    Most of us are saying that ISI and army are responsibly that US helicopters entered and did an operation in Pakistan. US helicopters entered in our country after a planning of this operation. Before the operation US sent many Rambos to Pakistan to get different informations for the planning of...
  14. arslan4u

    We can stop the drones if political government allows us - Pakistan Air Force

    This statement should silence those anti-Army propagandists who blamed Army for allowing drone attacks. Now it is clear that its not the Army that allows them, its the government. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Air Force has assured the government that no foreign helicopters or fighter planes will be...
  15. D

    Pro pak army and pakistani government advertisements in papers today!!!!and answer to this propogan

    read this funny advertisement that appeared in nawaiwaqt and some other newspapers today!it appears to be from pakistani army and government to gain support of pakistani people. read it than i will explain how lame and nonsense this is! now anaylse this ad!! this clearly seems...
  16. canadian

    Usa vs Pakistan- the upcoming war!! (Their predictions have been 100% so far))

  17. Ammad Hafeez

    Aaj Raat (CNBC ) - 06th May 2011 - Dr Farooq Sattar - Why MQM is Joining Government?

  18. B

    Imam Abdul Alim Musa- the Work of US Government

  19. biomat

    Psywar" explores corporate and government use of propaganda and public

    "Psywar" explores corporate and government use of propaganda and public relations to manipulate American people. The movie explores how the U.S. government staged events to manipulate public opinion about the Iraq war, like the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, the supposedly spontaneous mob...
  20. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 2nd May 2011 - Pakistan Government & Army Knew About OBL Operation