Pakistani government walks a middle line


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Lawrence Davidson, a professor of Middle East history at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, says that Clinton was too optimistic when she said that US-Pakistani relations have reached a turning point.

[The US] wants the border security [with Afghanistan], except that the Pakistani government and the Pakistani military are not able to do that it would cause civil war in their country to do so, he said.

The Pakistanis are not willing to push it as far as the Americans want to, he continued. Actually, the Pakistanis are feeling that the real problem is on the Indian border and not on the Afghan border. They want the aid, they dont want the repercussions doing what the Americans want them to do, and they try to walk the middle line.

When asked how the situation might be resolved, Davidson said that it would only be resolved when the Americans leave Afghanistan. However, he warned, when the US does leave, the Taliban will quickly come back.


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I am not sure though but our obsession with Afghanistan is a little far fetched.However,we must ensure India does not get a foothold in Afghanistan.We cannot afford hostility both on our western and eastern borders and this is very vital for our security.