Sick minded Anchor Kashif Abbasi exposed by Sharmila Farooqui


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armila had not given any response in this regard, because K.Abbasi was failed to justify his question.

A question about a public representative's educational qualifications is justified by all means.

Well for sure these kind of credentials can only be challenged in court, not by a black mailing attitude Anchor's show.

He was not challenging the credentials. He was asking a question. No answer was provided. Hence the government came out looking weak.

Again you are trying to divert the main concern, Either Pakistani, Nowegeian or US citizen, every one have their rights to keep their informations in secret, until or unless it would be questioned by authorities.

You should read the FOI ACT again. I think you did not understand what it says regarding the right of sharing information about all public sector organizations. Please read it thoroughly and you will see that a public sector employee's credentials are NOT private property.

So if person like K.Abbasi have this much concern, and he was unable to get this information then he could have had gone legally, instead of accusing any Govt Official of not being answered

He was not accusing, he was asking. for the difference between the two.

However I am happy that he was given a great lesson to remember for long time.
Every other person in Pakistan is unhappy because they still dont know what qualified Ayaz Niazi for the job.

Take care and please let me know if there is an update on Niazis qualifications.
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guys believe it or not yeh saray anchor salay politicians k level k balkay unn say ziada baray criminals hain.
(aur zardari aur ppp walay tou DAKOO hain jo din dharay looot rahay hain inn ko koe mashwara de k yar kam az kam chup chupa ker lota karo.
uss say kam az kam awaam ki takleef kum hogee.)


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Awan4ever, with due respect , Why are you wasting your precious time debating with this shameless piece of ****?

The whole world know that Zardari is a dirt. There is no need to debate on this issue.

Altaf Husain, Navaz Shareef and Asfandyar Wali are responsible to bring this animal (zardari) into power.

If people of Pakistan still vote above corrupt politicians then they will deserve severe consequences...


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Why everybody is doing useless debate a wrong act is a wrong act it is independent of personalities who ever does it we should condemn it...............bacho ki trha laro nhi