1. A

    Journalist/Anchor Tariq Mateen gets thrashed for making an illogical Comment & to make it worst he r

    These days everyone has the power to say and respond to anyone and everyone through social media Especially when it comes to Journalists and anchors, who thought of themselves Gods and got away with anything and everything in past. All audience could do was just get frustrated for not...
  2. J

    Jasmeen Manzoor Resign from Samaa News

    Famous News Anchor Jasmeen Manzoor Resign from Samaa News Latest Tweet.
  3. S

    Dr Aamir Liaquat for intl laws on blasphemy

    Dr Aamir Liaquat for intl laws on blasphemy LAHORE: Geo TV anchor and religious scholar Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain has demanded legislation at the international level to stop blasphemy, and said that the respect of mankind is linked with the respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Addressing a...
  4. Geek

    Mqm's Babar Ghauri left speech less and tells the anchor to move on.

  5. Skeptic

    Dunya TV Anchor Rehman Azhar Scandal With Lahore Girl

    An anchor and two producers of Dunya TV are facing a murder case over an issue of a girl. This is the first this kind of act i think by any journalist According to an FIR registered with the Defence Police Lahore, Dunya TV anchor Rehman Azhar, producers Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas on their car...
  6. News Night With Talat

    News Night With Talat - 26th July 2011 - Selection of topic & Anchor Role - LIve Call From Public

  7. D

    MQM in Govt once again. No TV anchor will dare to critisize the move

    MQM is back in govt again and i am 100% sure that no TV anchor will show the courage to critisize their move. Pata nahi ye MQM walon k pas kia jadoo hai.
  8. Arslan

    Police File - 25th April 2011 - TV Anchor Noor-ul-Aain's Case.

  9. zardarifan

    Sick minded Anchor Kashif Abbasi exposed by Sharmila Farooqui

    I simply don't inderstand how could our public can accept these kind of so called Anchors, who brought stuff against any "RESPECTABLE PAKISTANI" without any evidences and admit themself their night life in night clubs, Please watch these videos very carefully, and pass your remarks. See...
  10. sarmad

    PPP Senator Taj Haider's fourth marriage with a TV anchor (Pics)

    He is a Senator , PPP jiyala
  11. C

    Mushtaq Minhas ( Bolta Pakistan's Anchor) Exposed - Living in Government Apartment

  12. lllcolumbuslll

    MQM; Waseem Akhter vs a brave anchor

  13. Z

    Watch and Decide! - Mubashar Luqman idiot?