Kashif Abbasi Answers Mustafa Kamal's allegations on him/media.

  2. Pakistan Tonight

    Pakistan Tonight on MQM's Press Conference - 6th September 2011 - Haroon Rasheed & Kashif Abbasi

  3. Sirf Such

    Sirf Such - 3rd September 2011 - Ansaar Burni, Jawad Ahmad, Kashif Mahmood & Waris Baig

  4. 1-Man-Army

    Ali Zafar & Kashif Abbasi on Imran Khan.

  5. To The Point

    To The Point Eid Special - 31st August 2011 - Kashif Abbasi, Talat Hussain, Asma Chaudary & Asma Sh

  6. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 25th July 2011 - Shaikh Rasheed & Kashif Abbasi - Special Programe

  7. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 11th July 2011- Kashif Abbasi, Dr Moeed Peerzada & Mubashar Lucman - If You Have Your Gove

  8. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 29th June 2011 - Sohail Waraich, Kashif Abbasi - Uncivilized discussion

  9. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 17th June 2011 - Kashif Abbasi, Asma Jahangir, Babar Awan & Hamid Mir - Commission

  10. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 15th June 2011 - Kashif Abbbasi, Meher Bukhari, Fahad Hussain & Hamid Mir

  11. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 11th June 2011 - Kashif Abbasi, Javed Hashmi

  12. M_Adnan.L

    Kashif Abbasi, Mehr Bokhari engaged!!!

    ISLAMABAD - TV anchors, Kashif Abbasi and Mehr Bokhari, got engaged on Friday. Though they did not make it public as it was a purely family event, the news of their engagement was the talk of the town. Kashif and Mehr are popular TV anchors. Kashif started his career with ARY TV and continues...
  13. Off The Record

    Off The Record Kashif Abbasi On PNS Mehran Millitants Attack And Bomb Blasts - 23rd May 2011

  14. jerry719964

    Kashif Abbasi Talking to Qaira about Hussain haqqani while thinking he is off-air ..

  15. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 26th April 2011 - Imran Khan and Kashif Abbasi - PTI Dharna and Media's R

  16. zardarifan

    Sick minded Anchor Kashif Abbasi exposed by Sharmila Farooqui

    I simply don't inderstand how could our public can accept these kind of so called Anchors, who brought stuff against any "RESPECTABLE PAKISTANI" without any evidences and admit themself their night life in night clubs, Please watch these videos very carefully, and pass your remarks. See...

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