Kal Tak - 11th July 2011- Kashif Abbasi, Dr Moeed Peerzada & Mubashar Lucman - If You Have Your Gove

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sary parhy likhy log aik jesi baten krty hain solutions btaty hain problems ko highlight krty hain to kya kisi ko kuch sunai nhn deta?koi in solutions ko implementable nhn samjhta?????????


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all of them are talking that IK has been shouting for the last ten years,, this is called vision..............


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javaid sahib kat tamaam prograams meine log IK wali bataine kar rahay haine..great visionary leader,zindabad


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Kash, Kash, Kash our leaders are also talk like this gentlemen talking and giving some visions and ideas what to do and what not to do.
Rule of Law is the key!


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Good brain storming sessions
That's how ideas emerge...
I have seen mayor of New York doing exactly same stuff


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Mr. Jawad I dont know why why you bring this Lookmaan establishment (D) He intereupt every every argument. He has to go with Mushi (Ghadar) when he take over there two dogs in his arms.


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javed chaudhry is a good columnist.. but sorry to say he doesnt know what is anchoring.....
Nice Program.. Kash k in jaisey Honest or Educated loog PAKISTANI Govt. ka hissa bun sakey.,.... in-sha-ALLAH Pakistan mai phr implementation b ho gi......


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Same thing IK is saying , he will do , if some body let him do.


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my friend they are just nothing there feeling is right but there sloution is not right ..and that proves imran khan is the greatest leader of the century i dont see mr jinah even that great as he has given up when he lost in civel disobident movement he went to london .. i k believes himself .. and i k has sloution .. very simple key is answer of every thing and that is the sloution also . rule of law and equality .. thas it ..noting els every thing will develop by itself... long live pakistan long live i k my vote is for paksitan .