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Please do visit the link.

Please visit www.quranurdu.com

What You will find here is:
1. Audio (mp3) tafaseer of Quraan-e-Pak.
2. Recitations of Quraan by known Qari's.
3. Audio (mp3) files of authentic Hadees by Known Scholars.
4. Islamic material in .pdf format.
and much more food for thought.


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Amazing Technology

Move mouse to top left of the corner to open a Quran page. Subhanallah

I am deeply impressed.



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A very informative website about Islam and history behind current Situation in Muslim Countries.

Salam Pakistan,

I would like to inform My Dear Brothers about this very informative site from Hakikat Kitabevi in Turkey. There presice work in collecting information about the spies who worked through the years to annihilate Islam, to create sacts by any means possible and create dis-trust among Muslims countries to divide them.


above mentioned link have online books, regarding religion, faith, Sunnah, Sheriyah and so on in several different languages.

Please read these and recommend it to others.

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Web link from Turkey Sunni tehreeq about the Islamic history.

Salam to All Brothers and Sisters,

I am posting this link as it was mis-spelled in the last post.


This web site contains books over Islam, Sheriyah, Real enemies of Islam and so many other topics. These books can be read online and My personal recommendation is to read Confession of a Brithish Spy in the english section of the web site.

There are books in Urda, Farsi, Turkish and other Languages. I hope that you will like it and recommend them to others.



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The survuval of the whole mankind is the implementation of Allah's orders given in Quran. we must ask Allah to forgiveness of our acts and guide us to follow the straight path. we must not confine to oursrlf to a city, provnce or country but Quran is for the Universe.
Each of use is required to evluate himself on the SELF ASSESSMENT SYSTEM secified by Allah in surey Al-Tauba, Ayat 24:




24. Say: If your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren, and your wives, and your
tribe, and the wealth ye have acquired, and merchandise for which ye fear that there
will be no sale, and dwellings ye desire are dearer to you than Allah and His
messenger and striving in His way: then wait till Allah bringeth His command to pass.
Allah guideth not wrong doing folk.


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thanks billo
just one question

naam billo ...........tasweer moulana fazal ur rehman kee ?
kaya yeh khula tazaad nahi ?


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Some One Please help

Mod you can delete this later

can any body tell me where in Quraan are these ayahs? I would appreciate it very much. please email at (you don't have this email address)since this thread will be deleted after I get a reply...salam

1. nasrum-min-allah-i was fath-un-qarib

2. wa' taasemu be-hublillah i jameeaun wa la tafarraqu. <== I think its in Nissa, but not sure

also, if you know od any site where I can search an ayah easily